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FO: Squad Mitts




I used leftovers from a few different projects -- the dark blue from my TTL Mystery Shawl '14 (love that color!), the gray from both Affectionately Mine and Vintage Baby Cardigan I, the variegated from my 2016 Rhinebeck Shawl) -- along with a mini-skein from Backyard Fiberworks that I picked up at Indie Untangled/Rhinebeck 2016 providing POP.


I think my new Malojos Gauge Ring, picked up at Rhinebeck (Happy Birthday To Me!), is shown off quite nicely. Ha!


More of these will be coming up (another pair cast on last night)!



Those are awesome! I can't wait to make a pair (or three!) myself!


I LOVE the mitts, in addition to the succulent bowls, tattoo, and gauge ring! You have such an eye for color and combined the perfect yarns in those mitts.


Those turned out so cute! I love them! And, wait - I have a bunch of Koigu minis! Gah! Great idea! Thank you!!


Lovelovelove the mitts! Your color choices are perfect. I have the perfect leftovers for about 100 pairs of these. Happy birthday! Missed the post yesterday. Such cute pictures.


These are sweet. I need to get on this, Christmas for the teenagers in my life.

gale zucker/she shoots sheep shots

Nice! I could definitely get on a binge of knitting those.

Lee Wittenstein

Oh, I want to knit these now! But must. keep. to. plan. Finish one project before starting another. Because there are soooo many UFOs in my stash right now.


Love them! And those succulents are pretty sweet too!


Oh yes, I have mitt envy! There are many possible combos of color sitting around my knitting basket. I also have needle gauge ring envy! Nice FO photos, too!


Your new mitts are fabulous...as is the ring gauge (envious like above). The beverage looks mighty tasty as well!!

Linda Piotrowski

Love, love, love your fingerless mitts. The colors are amazing. Your ring is beautiful, too. Happy birthday to you, indeed. Good choices.


LOVE! I picked out some yarn for my own over the weekend. Can't wait! Happy Birthday -- and love the ring. :-)


Love all the fun colors - and the ring! (Happy Birthday to you!)

Stephanie VW

I love your mitts! The colours are beautiful. I went looking for the ring online and was sad to see that there isn't a metric version. :( <- sad Canadian.

Stephanie VW

Wait - no! There is! Hooray!


I really wasn't feeling the Squad Mitts when Stripes first came out, but my mind has been changed, and your mitts are one of the reasons why. I'm looking forward to casting on for them. I only hope mine turn out as beautifully as yours.

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