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It's November, which means it's time for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) -- little sister to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). (A very little sister.) I've participated, with varying success (but mostly success!) since 2009, and I don't see any reason for stopping the insanity now. 2016 has been a crazy year, so it seems only natural!

I plan to post some about my knitting, about menu planning and cooking, about the weather, the sky, and probably a tiny little unavoidable bit about politics -- I have plans! No doubt there'll be a little football, some sewing, the kids... hopefully, something for everyone.

For now, though...


This is a beautiful tree that catches my eye many times a day right now through the window at work -- in the most non-photogenic setting. You know how I fix that? PRISMA! Thank you to Blue Sky and Lovely Clouds for their contribution.


And, because I can't help myself... hostas & leaves outside the garage at home. Hostas... how did I ever *not* love them. It is full-on autumn, peeps!

Let the madness begin!! I hope you'll join me... by reading, at least, and letting me know if something rings your bell.



I cut my hostas back last weekend but seeing yours pop almost makes me wish I hadn't. Great start to NaBloPoMo; only 29 more posts to go!


I am in as well! Here is to a fantastic November - great Prisma photos!! XO


I'm planning on it again this year, too! Great photos. I think resistance against Prisma is futile.


I tend towards NaBloPoMo as well. It's great to have company!


I look forward to your November every year!


I love your BIG hosta leaves. Mine were gloriously golden and I should have snapped a photo. I also had to cut mine back. I am so excited about NaBloPoMo and all the reading I'll be able to do!


I'll be reading! Can't wait. Happy writing and photos and knitting.


NaBloPoMo is like a little early holiday present. Regular posts from a few of my favorites. Yippee! My the muse be with you.

Lee Wittenstein

Can't wait to read it all!


Let the Madness Begin! (and how have I missed that Blue Skies filter?!)

gale zucker/she shoots sheep shots

Will be reading along, and have officially posted/joined NaBloPOMo for my annual attempt. You always inspire me...maybe I'll succeed this year and break the trend?
PS Hostas. Also finding I like them a lot. I hope its not an Old Lady thing. Do you think it might be?


Oh, I'm here, Vicki! Already behind in my reading (after just one day!) -- but I'm here! Looking forward to the month ahead. (And YES! Hostas!)


I'll be following/reading...always enjoy your posts. Your shawl is beautiful. Thanks for the link - have already printed out the pattern (like I really need one more pattern.....).

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