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The (Knitting) List

Currently active on the needles:

  • 2nd pair of Squad Mitts
  • Awesome Christmas present for Jun
  • Awesome Christmas present for Gin

Currently contemplating:

Some (not all) of those being contemplated as possible gifts.


I think I've found this year's addition to the Christmas music collection! Is it too early? Never for a voice like that...


Tricia Hill

I can thoroughly recommend Rubbish Mojitos - it's a great knit, like all Woolly's hats.


Ooooo. I want to knit Rubbish Mojitos! And I want that Christmas album, too. XO


Wow! Great Christmas music find. Thanks for sharing that with us.


What a great bunch of patterns! I wish we could all sit and knit while drinking non-rubbish mojitos.


That voice! Wow!! Thank you for sharing.

And, those knits! They are all cast on worthy, but especially love the Open Waters Shawl!


...and just like that, my Christmas 2016 playlist has begun - thank you!!


The instructor for my class on seaming at Vogue Knit LIVE was wearing the Candlewick hat!

::checks the Rav page again::

Oh. He wrote the pattern!


Must get on the Squad Mitt train soon!


It's November - Christmas music is perfectly acceptable.

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