Happy Thanksgiving!


In America:


In New Zealand:


Hope things are going well with you! I've gotta run to the store...



Prep day is so much fun. Enjoy!


Today in America looks delicious, and it's beautiful in New Zealand! I also have to run to the store for a few forgotten things, a good opportunity to practice patience and kindness.


At this point, I weigh how desperately we need something before getting the car keys. Around here it is mayhem with kids out of school and harried parents trying to corral them while searching for those once a year items. Good luck! Have a great Thanksgiving, and may you have much to be thankful for wherever you are!


I wish we were going into spring/summer as they are in NZ. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend!


I saw this on FB yesterday and I had pain in my heart that you had to brave the market on the day before thanksgiving! I hope it was not too horrible! XO


I also left a little bit of shopping until Wednesday. Crazy, I know, but I kind of like the hustle and bustle (I also like to shop on Christmas Eve ;-) Hoping you found everything on your list!

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