On the cusp of three
Holiday mid-weekending


It's just doesn't seem like a proper Christmas Eve if I'm not up 'til the wee hours...

And LOOK, it's already Christmas!


We used to have a big Christmas Eve dinner at Mom's. We tried everything over the years: Standing Rib Roast, Crown Roast, Yorkshire Pudding, Beef Wellington, Cornish Hens, Ham, Turkey... Mum would draw the line at Goose (too greasy). My sisters and brother would all be there, sometimes even my Grandma (her birthday was on Christmas Eve).


Virginia, b. Dec. 24, 1912; graduation from Normal School


Someday I'm gonna make a Christmas Goose.

I'm a terrible procrastinator, so would never really even start to wrap presents until after we came home and got the kids to bed -- which would be later and later every year. Rusty was never any help in that department, so I'd make the best of it... channel surfing and watching Christmas movies on TV, or...

...(best ever) listening to a Steve Martin comedy album while wrapping presents and filling stockings.


I miss my sister Sharon, and my mom, and my grandma, and I miss those crazy days when the kids were young...


Alas, life is good; I'd make a few changes, but generally things seem to be proceeding as they should....


WE HAVE A CRAWLER! She made a few moves when I was 'sitting the other night, and Alison confirmed this evening that Gin is crawling! They'll all be over sometime tomorrow morning for Christmas brunch and opening presents.


Merry Christmas Friends! Peace and Love to You!



You should've called me! I was up til the wee hours myself (and then greeted at 6am with a "Merry Christmas" from my favorite toddler). Maybe we can have a nap with the little ones this afternoon.

Love your Christmas memories... and hoping you make some wonderful new ones today. Merry Merry, my friend!


You aren't alone in your tradition of being up and wrapping in those wee hours but it's one I never did because I knew I'd fall asleep! Merry Christmas, Vicki, enjoy your day and your memories of years gone by.


Merry Christmas. One of the joys of the season is remembering joyous past holidays and traditions (even staying up late to wrap gifts). Your grandma and you look so much alike, another beautiful woman in a family of beauties. I can't believe that Gin is crawling already! She'll be chasing Jun before he knows it.


Christmas memories are bittersweet for me. Thank you for your post. I needed it after a hectic Eve. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


My mother also stayed up well into the night, wrapping, setting Santa's gifts, "just so" under the tree. In my minds eye can I see her smile, the one she wore when doing something she enjoyed, even when she thought she was alone. Your grandmother was beautiful. It's easy to see the genes of beauty have come through the generations of women in your family.


I think this was the first year I wasn't up late preparing, but was instead lucky enough to be up late reading instead. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (I loved your skype date with Maddy!), and congratulations to the crawler! Watch out now!

Kim Dean

My best friend and I saw Steve Martin live on that album's tour. It all still cracks me up.


Just some thought on cooking a goose. I did it once and that was enough for me. You need to use a very deep roasting pan because like your mom said, it's very greasy and can easily overflow a shallow pan. Also, I remember we barely fed 3 people with it as there is not a lot of meat. Try it though, it might become a family favorite. Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2017.


A bit late, but Happy Christmas! Love the picture of you and your grandmother. And Gin crawling? Wow!!! Best wishes for a Happy and Peaceful New Year.


Gin crawling is the best gift ever! Or, maybe not! LOL I remember those days of pre-crawling and post-crawling - and yes, while it was fun - stationary is sometimes much better!

And, here are to memories that fill our hearts and minds with joys of Christmas past that make Christmas present special!

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