Christmas Tradition

FO: Alfalfa Baby Hat


11-4-16 too

I know I knit this hat when Jun was wee, but I don't remember him ever wearing it and I never documented it on Ravelry or anyplace.

Gin has been wearing this at A LOT, though, and could not look more adorable -- even (especially) when worn slightly askew. So adorable, that I just had to add it to my Ravelry project page.

And I definitely need to knit another! The pattern is written for only one size, but I think I'll try going up a needle size or two and see what happens.



Completely adorable! Gin is the picture of warmth and coziness with her hat and sheepskin.


So much cuteness! And she does not look like her brother at all there, not at all!


The hat is cute but that baby is even cuter!

Lee Wittenstein

Sooo cute! Babe and hat.


This hat is just made a for a cute face like Gin's!


Oh! The sweetness! It really doesn't get any better than that! XO


Cuteness citation alert. I'm certain that this must call down the cuteness police;).


Cute hat but cuter Gin!


That face is so sweet! And, framed beautifully in that sweet cap!


She is so sweet! And the hat is as well.


That is adorable! I am totally in favor of baby hats with chin ties; otherwise the hat never stays on.


what a cutie! and yay for getting double duty out of so many of your little person knits!!


The hat is great (especially off-center a bit). I love the way Gin smiles up at you when you are taking a picture.

Linda Piotrowski

Gin is adorable in that hat! I love it. I'll have to check it out on Ravelry.

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