3-Day Weekending

On the cusp of three

Independence. Right now it's all about independence and doing things for himself -- taking great pride in accomplishments. Jun's been dressing himself, distinguishing front from back, getting all the fingers correctly placed in gloves, sometimes even doing the snaps and zippers on his pants.

But, oh... it can be so very frustrating.

He was wearing some cozy knit pants on Friday and there was some difficulty.

He tried putting them on. They were backwards. He got angry, cried, and completely shut down my offer to help.

He tried again. Um. They were backwards. Again. He got angry, cried, shut me down. Again.

Did I mention stubbornness?

After a few minutes of crying, he came over and sat on my lap... to get a hug and cry on my shoulder. When he felt better, he got up -- with confidence and purpose -- to try again.

And, ohhhh... it did not go well.

This time he came right over to sit and cry and just let it all out.

And then he tried ONE MORE TIME -- while I was able to quickly intervene and straighten them out (prep is everything!) -- and SUCCESS!

It was just the sweetest thing... how he wouldn't allow me to help him, but would allow me to give comfort.




You may have just described my mother's life with me. And so it continues. But one of the best gifts she gave me was allowing me to sort it out myself, while having my back (or shoulder for tears) along the way. Go Grandma! And how can it be 3 years?!?! (No doubt you're asking that very question daily.)


I think the best part of life are those who comfort us when we struggle. Don't do it for me, but be there if I have problems. This is a beautiful post. And, way to go to both you and Junah!


Not just rushing in and doing it for them was a lesson I had to struggle to learn, but I think that providing kids with an opportunity to learn for themselves is a great gift. Hurrah to Junah for his perseverance, and to you for your quick intervention and comfort!


You are the perfect grandmother. Stubbornness is the gift that keeps one focused and learning from mistakes, even as it is a bane. Your patience is what keeps him going back to try again and again. You're a great team!


I think it's wonderful that he's learning life lessons at a tender age with his loving grandmother right there to comfort him and lend a hand.


I'm envisioning this whole event and man do those hugs look extra special. He's a lucky boy!


What a wonderful story of a beautiful, nurturing relationship. I can see this playing out over and over again as Jun grows up. The problems are going to change (and likely get bigger), but knowing that he has you to support and comfort him ... it's priceless.


Good for Jun! That perseverance will serve him well in life! (Also . . . having supportive, loving Nana in his corner.) XO


Ah! Isn't that why we grown-ups are around ? To know when standing back is the right thing to do? Love and being present are always best. You are one great grown-up. Jun is a lucky boy. You, too, to have him so close that you can share his life. ♥️


What a loving grandma you are and it's wonderful that you have these special moments with Jun and Gin. I love that you shared this with us. Have a peacefilled holiday.


This is a wonderful post. How lucky you are (and Jun and Gin) to be so close that you can share so many things together.

Kim Dean

Both of mine avoided the Terrible Twos, but only because they were saving up for Three. Hang in there.

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