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Six years

Sharon-wee Kate-web

Sharon with a wee Kate, April 1987.

And missing you every single day. I love you, my beautiful sister. How is it six years already?



Time goes so fast. I love the picture and trust you have many more to keep your memories fresh.


When I saw this beautiful picture of Sharon I could see a resemblance to Ali. All beautiful women in your family. I can imagine how much you miss her, having a sister myself. Feeling for you.


I hope the sadness is lessened somewhat by your loving memories and wonderful photos like this.


Like Marcy said, I can see Sharon in Ali (and you and Maddie and Kate). Good things do live on. Sending hugs and warm wishes. - M.


Sending love and peace to you, dear Vicki. XOXO


It doesn't seem possible that six years have past. I never noticed before how much Ali looks like Sharon but in this photo the resemblance is quite apparent.


How can it be 6 years? Love you, Vicki.


Sending wishes for a peaceful heart. Hugs from me.


Sending you peace and love, Vicki - may memories fill your heart with love. XO

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