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Dispatches from D.C. & Edinburgh

I knit three hats for the Pussyhat Project and mailed them to PPHQ in time for the Women's March on Washington DC last weekend.

There were forms included with the pattern to let recipients know who you are, what causes are important to you, and a space for optional contact info. I almost didn't include forms with my hats, but... oh, why not? I ended up jotting a little note, sharing my email address... and, of course, on the back I wrote what type of yarn was used and simple care instructions. (Ha! What?) (I stopped short of including the color/lot info and/or the ball bands.)

Lo and behold, on Saturday evening I got an email -- and a photo too!


I am wearing your hat in Washington today.
Thank you, thank you!

In love and solidarity,

Well, I was just thrilled to hear from her! Later, upon asking permission to share, she added:

I hadn't known what to expect of the energy of the March, but from the moment we were greeted at the Metro stop by a welcome committee, snacks, bottles of water, and handknitted pink pussy hats from all over the country, I felt that I was in warm community. Positive, energized spirits continued through the day, and haven't left me since.

Then, on Sunday, I received another -- also with a photo attached!


Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much for knitting the Pussyhat! I received it directly in the beginning at the subway station and I was so happy that the woman handed out hats to everyone. I love the idea that you made the hat and put the little sign on it so that I can get in touch with you.
I wore it all day and it will remind me of this historical day all my life! We are from Germany and have been living in NYC for a year and I’m so grateful that we were able to participate in the Women’s March in Washington.
Thanks so much for contributing to the march, the hat is made from such a nice wool and it very nicely knitted. I very much enjoyed wearing it, it kept me really warm too!
Lots of love from New York,

Positively thrilling! She also granted permission and wrote:

It really was an inspiring experience and people were so positive that day, it gives us hope for the future.
Thanks again for contributing to the women’s march and the effort you put in knitting that hat!
It was amazing on Saturday to follow along -- the news, the Facebook updates from friends at marches all over! I had friends & relatives in DC, NY, MI, WI, FL, CA, OR, and more.
"Fraulein Power!"
Including Kate at the march in Edinburgh! She reported "many, many" pussyhats!
Historic, moving... INSPIRING!!
For one thing, I was moved to finally set up my Planned Parenthood and ACLU contributions to be regular and ongoing. It isn't much, but it's a few dollars more every month than they previously had!



Thank you SO much for sharing the pictures and words that your hat recipients shared with you. In these days where I'm feeling such despair this does my heart good.


This is just so cool! I love that they got in touch with you AND e-mailed pictures of themselves to boot. Fabulous!!

Also glad you had such a nice trip to FL.

Re-entry IS a bitch.


Wow wow, what a wonderful gift to get those emails and pictures back, it must make you feel great. Fabulous cause!


Every day when I check the news, I think it can't get any worse, yet it always does. But this amazing and wonderful news is what I want to hear - kind women from all over the world working together for human rights. Fraulein Power!


How great that the hat recipients understood your kinship even though you never met, and to send pictures was so cool. I had coffee today with a friend who also went to our local march, and she said it was one of the most encouraging things she had experienced.


I'm in tears reading this! So awesome!!


I was so encouraged and uplifted by everything I saw and read about Saturday... how wonderful that you were a part of it all and shared those stories with us. Thank you!


This... ALL OF THIS!! Women in solidarity - as we have been for centuries. We know how to get things done. Thank you for sharing!


I'm struck by the sense of solidarity and the way women treated each other that day (and always!)! WOW! WOW! What a wonderful world women create when given a chance! I, too have set up monthly donations to a couple of organizations I believe in. It's such an easy thing to do and so important!


Wow, thanks so much for sharing. News like this of niceness and empathy is needed.
The colors are so vivid- who wouldn't notice?


Welcome home and WOW. That is so great! And you've got me thinking...I'm going to set up monthly donations too!


What a wonderful post! So nice to hear your hats went to women who appreciated them!


So. Awesome. :-) It was an incredible day -- so much energy and love. Glad you got to feel some of it, too (in addition to the wonderful sun on your face!). XO


What great feedback! So nice to hear about your experience. I had one hat in DC, on a friend.


I was at the Edinburgh gathering ... ask kate if she saw my #refugeeswelcome yarnbomb

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