Weekending: Meow
Dispatches from D.C. & Edinburgh

I'm back... fly-by

We went to Florida!


We visited the Keys and the Everglades.

20170119_164448Everglades National Park

We visited the beach.


We visited a Japanese garden and museum.

20170122_122303Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

And we flew home again.


There were some other things, but I'll have to fill you in later. The weather was perfect (outside of a midnight tornado warning on our last night) and we had a great time!

I kept up on the news as best I could, especially in regard to the March(es) on Saturday. I was thrilled to receive emails and photos from TWO of the three recipients of my Pussyhat Project hats. So cool. I'm hoping to share that, too.

Meanwhile, re-entry is a bitch. On top of which, I drive down to O'Hare after work today to pick up Kate from her London-Paris-Edinburgh adventure! At least we'll have lots to talk about on the drive home.  :)



Welcome back! I hope your weather is better than ours, or that alone could account for that re-entry thing.


Sorry about the re-entry, but Florida looks like a beautifully warm place to re-enter from! Looking forward to more blue skies, blue umbrellas, and sunshine photos, and hoping your WI weather isn't as unwelcoming as I think it might be.


Hope the drive to and from O'Hara was only so monstrous. Also that in addition to the fun discussion ya'll got some great food.


Re-entry is always rough --- but so worth it from a weekend trip like that! Can't wait to hear more. XO


I'm so glad you had a great getaway but yeah, reentry sure can blow. Hope things settle down quickly and the memories of your vacation ease the reality of everyday life.


Welcome back - although I think we all could use a good long escape from reality right now.


I hope you have a chance to re-escape through your Florida memories! The trip looked wonderful!


Welcome back! Hope re-entry isn't too bad. At least you've got a bunch of sunshine-y photos to take the edge off :-)

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