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I was so excited, upon our return from FL, to discover two amaryllis blossoms with a bud-in-waiting. It was dark, but I took a photo anyway:


Since I went right back to work -- long on hours, short on daylight -- I wasn't able to see them in daylight all week, and was looking forward to that this weekend.

This morning, in the very early hours, I heard a thud.

I didn't think much of it... something inside, outside, upstairs. One thud. Done. Back to sleep...

And, boy, did I sleep! When I emerged from the bedroom, Rusty was pouring coffee, and he mentioned some clean up that needed to be done in the Garden Room... mumblemumble... amaryllis.

Arrgh! Destroyed. The thud, apparently, was my amaryllis pot landing on the rug... most certainly at the hands/paws of a cat.

Rusty had left the broken flower stalk, but I just had to cut it off... it made me so sad to look at it. Thankfully, the leaves are intact.


And look at my scrappy little straggler! Growing and shooting out a bunch of leaves. There's no sign of a flower stalk yet, and it was so stressed that it might not happen for a while. It sure makes me happy, though.

So, amaryllis watch has been reset and is on indefinite hold for a while, I guess.

I wish I could reset.



We had a cat that would chew on any fresh flowers in the house. She didn't actually eat them, just aerated them. It made it kind of hard to enjoy a bouquet, so we gave up for a while. Now, we sometimes have flowers, but no cat. I kinda miss that cat... sometimes.


I don't have a cat, but have had amaryllis get so tall that they tip over themselves, so maybe your cats are innocent? I'm glad you got to see it, even in the dark, and I'll be rooting for your scrappy one!


I've had amaryllis tip over just because they get top heavy. I hope you put the flower in water to enjoy!


Well darn it! I'm glad you got to see a flower and know that second bulb is going to bloom ... look how many of us are cheering it on!


Oh no! That's just a shame but I'm glad you got to see it bloom for a bit.


It is beautiful. I'm glad you were able to see it even if it was a brief sighting. I, too, had an amaryllis fall over and break. Too tall to stand on its own. Poor kitties always seem to get the blame😿 I'm cheering on your other amaryllis. Now that it isn't intimidated by the big beautiful red one perhaps it will overcome its shyness and bloom. Here's hoping.


I had a big beautiful white flower emerge on mine on the back deck this summer. When I looked out the window after lunch the stem had been chewed through and the flower and stalk was on the deck. Thanks to a darn red squirrel, and why is a mystery because he left the flower, just felled the flower stalk.


Kitty paws apparently bring more than fog... although, I like Carl Sandburg's idea better. I wish you could reset as well! But, a second Amaryllis watch is not a bad thing.


Oh how frustrating! Like others, I've had them tip over on their own - they do get top heavy. Hoping the second one will bloom!


Count me as one who has had amaryllis plants take a nose dive all on their own. My the second amaryllis pull through with blossoms to brighten the gloom.


Yep. Count me in as another one to have experienced top-heavy amaryllis toppling! (But I've also had cats. . . ) Have faith. The other one may be just taking its time . . . and you may even get a second stalk from the first bulb. With amaryllis, you just never know! XO

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