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Dear February,

I don't usually look to you for comfort, inspiration, warmth... or sunshine... but, boy, I sure could use all of that and more right now. (Thank you for the sunshine this morning!)

On the bright side, one of the best things you have going is the continuation of this trend:

December 21, 2016:


January 24, 2017:


February 2, 2017 (this morning):



We've gained :22 of daylight in just over a week, and over an hour since winter solstice, a pace that will only be picking up as we move toward spring and summer. Thank god.

Edited to add: My weather app is Weather Underground (available on Google Play here). (I also like the desktop version.)

Another thing to look forward to is this year's Best Picture Festival -- four Best Picture-nominated movies will be shown on the 18th and five on the 25th -- just in time for the Oscars on the 26th. I am growing with a nice group of friends, some new since the last time I attended BPF. I took advantage this week of $5 Tuesday and a willing companion to see Moonlight in advance; it's the last movie in the BPF line-up and I already know that five movies in one day is at least one too many for me, so I'm happy to knock one off the list!

And at the end of the month, I'll be heading to NOLA for the first time ever, to spend a few days there with my sister Ann. She'll be here from Spain, attending a conference, so I'll have some time to relax and explore. I've had some excellent suggestions, so, in addition to a couple of yarn shops, I also have museums and restaurants on my list. And a cemetery.

I seem to be all about bright spots, sunlight, daylight, and a little bit of moonlight! Maybe it won't be so bad after all, February. It sure helps to have some things to look forward to.

Love, Vicki

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Please share what app you use to track daylight. I love the simplicity.


NOLA should be a bright spot, even in February. The people and atmosphere are sunny enough to make up for even a cloudy day which is really just "atmosphere" of another kind in that crazy town.


I think your February sounds great and hooray for longer days! I love that BP film festival concept and wish someone around here would do that.


Thanks for the big reminder about increasing daylight! I was slightly disgruntled that we only had 20 min. of sunshine this morning, but you've got me concentrating on the big picture. And NOLA! I think you'll enjoy all kinds of warmth there, and hopefully we'll get to enjoy it vicariously.


Love your daylight tracking app - thanks for the link. NOLA is so much fun...it may be CRAZY depending on when you go as Mardi Gras is the 28th (and the week before...and sometimes the entire month!!).


Oh, NOLA! What an amazing city! Good food, warmth of weather and people, and incredible music! I think you will enjoy! And, I am cheering for those minutes more of daylight!


We're far enough south of you to already have hit the 10 hour mark. I love February because of its number of days (short month!) and the longer days (yay!), but most of all mid-month is when inversion season ends!!! NOLA is on #1 my "most memorable trips" list! You'll love it!


I would LOVE to join in on the BPF marathons! I haven't seen any of the nominated films this year. My local theater doesn't cater to adult crowds.


It's an excellent year for movie-viewing! :-) And I am so envious of your trip to NOLA! It will be GREAT! Welcome, February!


There is nothing bad about more daylight (even if you love Moonlight ;-) and I can't wait to see what you think about NOLA. I've never been...

Linda Piotrowski

I so often learn things from your blog. For instance, I enjoyed your Dear January entry. I decided right then and there to start to do that. I wrote my Dear February yesterday. Ah! I'm glad you celebrate the coming of the light in February. I love February, always have, because it is the month of my birth. It is short, like me. I'm only 5 ft 1 in. So, thanks for the idea of writing to each month.

I love that you are going to spend time with your sister in New Orleans. When I was still working and my husband already retired when I went to conferences he was the one who got to explore while I went to lectures, etc. You are fortunate to be the one doing then exploring!

New Orleans is a strange and wonderful city. If you get a chance, ride the trolley to the end of the line. It goes through wonderful neighborhood. Of course, you know the famous Manning football family home is there!

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