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Weekending: That's LIFE


Yep. After nearly 13 years of blogging, I finally have my own domain name. Flummoxed for years because knitorious.com had already been claimed by a yarn store (which I still hope to visit someday), the choices for domain names have greatly increased over the years and, well, .life seems to be more what it's about here, anyway.


See it?? You don't have to change a thing, if you don't want to; it's still a Typepad blog, and knitorious.typepad.com will continue to work.

Weekending... consisted of book work on Saturday, babysitting the grandkids on Saturday night, and a day-trip to the northern 'burbs of Milwaukee with the girls yesterday -- including Gin -- for some shopping!

Meanwhile, I've finished Pussyhats for my cousin (in the mail) and my hair stylist (to be delivered this week), and have begun a kittycat version for Gin.

It's another long, busy week at work... but looking forward to Friday off. And New Orleans gets closer everyday.  ;)


Robby H.

We'll see what happens. Feedly doesn't seem to locate you, yet. Fingers crossed as I can read other Bloglovin' blogs. Anyway, congratulations on the new site!


Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. My weekend seemed to vanish awfully quickly and, so far, the work week is dragging (isn't that always the way it is??).


Wow! Congratulations. I am pleasantly surprised that Feedly picked you up. LIFE is a perfect place for this blog! I also have Friday off (for Smith's birthday), which means four day weekend! Can you believe it's been 13 years? I think I'm planning on sticking around....but, TBD.


Ooh, I love knitorious.life! Feedly found you, shopping with the girls, a four day week, long weekend, and completed Pussyhats - .life is good!


That's awesome! Congratulations!

Robin F.

You're on my bloglovin' feed. sounds like a great weekend- family and shopping!


Yay! Thanks Robin. Gin was an EXCELLENT shopper... she slept on the way there & back, and was otherwise delightful.  ;)


Feedly found you! and the whole process was perfectly seamless for me. I love your new domain name (but I'm selfishly happy I don't need to know it!) Here's to moving forward ... and to baby pussy hats!


Good for you! LOVE .life! So perfect for you. XO


I love .life! Brava to you! XO


Feedly still knows where to find you! I haven't changed anything on my end.

When I was looking for a blog name, I wanted Knitterati, but it was already taken. So I added our airport code to the front end, and PDXKnitterati is mine!

Kaye Runn

Hi, I live in Saint Louis and Knitorious is the BEST! I found your blog searching for their phone number one day! Ha! Love your blog and seeing your projects. That parcheesi blanket is my number one fav! Look me up, if you come to Saint Louis. Kaye

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