An afternoon out


Well, it was sorta like this...


And this...


I picked up my new prescription sunglasses on Friday.

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon & evening at the movies; Best Picture Festival, Day 1.

Sunday was busy with chores, but I spent a little time with the kiddos -- bikes, trikes, wagon rides, and walking around the block.

It was a gorgeous weekend! Hard to believe, I'm sure, if I tell you that with a high of 53F today is the "dud" in the middle of this little stretch of thaw we have going on.

Wednesday looks to be the best of the bunch and it's my day off (YIPPEE!), and then we return to the harsh cold snowy reality of February-into-March.



We've had mild weather here and I love it! And movies, too!

Robby H.

It's been crazy warm for the last 3-ish weeks. We usually get a week or so in February that is just enough to give one hope that winter won't last forever, but this is too much. Now they lead the weather with red flag warnings and info on the latest wild fires.

Susanne Scheurwater

awwww, such sweet smiles on the "kiddos"!!


I love all these celebrities in sunglasses (and the sunny weather that makes wearing sunglasses necessary)! Enjoy a warm Wednesday!


So darn cute! (All three of you!) Enjoy the weather. The sunshine has been so good for the soul! (In soul sucking February :-))


All the sunshine coupled with those smiling faces does a body good! So darn cute is right! XO


We also had a warm up and now winter is returning. The winds are horrendous and I hope they don't head your way! Jun and Gin look so cool in their shades and you look groovy! (Which is a my way of saying "you look great!".


Love your new sunglasses and the kids are just so cute in theirs! We've had unseasonably mild weather as has been gorgeous for being outside. Just hoping we don't get smacked too hard when Winter rears its face again.


Yay for sunglasses all around! It's nice to have this warm weather for a change . . . but it'll be super tough when (if?) reality bites. (What's your favorite movie so far????)


Looking forward to your take on the Oscars ... and to seeing more sunshine smiles - LOVE 'em!


Your grandkids are just too cute. I like your new sunglasses. I always have problems when I've gotten prescription sunglasses. If I go into a store, etc. I have to switch back to my regular glasses or it is too dark to see. :) I hope you enjoy yours. Looks like springlike weather you're having in Wisconsin. Here is New Hampshire the past two days have been a teaser with temps in the high 40Fs. It is staying lighter longer each day. So, there's hope that spring will come.

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