Weekending: Happy Spring!!
Through the window

FO: Hyacinthus Armwarmers (aka, Frenchy Mitts)

A Year of Techniques (#1): Helical stripes!



These are my Frenchy mitts. I purchased the yarn in New Orleans' French Quarter at The Quarter Stitch, and did much of the knitting while watching Versailles on Netflix.

(I really enjoyed Versailles the TV show, by the way -- it's absolutely gorgeous -- and now I really want to visit Versailles the Palace! I've never had a burning desire to go visit France before.)

Helical stripes! It's the most magical, wonderful way to knit stripes in the round!


I am very happy with these and love the neutral colorway. Now that we've crossed the threshold into Spring, though, I'd like to think there won't be reason to wear them for several months.



I'm laughing out loud over the name Frenchy Mitts - that's perfect. So, I need to check out Versailles on Netflix and I need to quickly knit something in helical stripes. I love these. They will be so perfect next fall/winter.


Those look awesome, love the stripes and the neutral color - they will go with everything!


Beguiling helical stripe technique and wonderful Frenchy Mitts! I think I like your black, white and shades of grey even better than the pastel and other examples I've seen. This looks like a must-try pattern!


I'll be at Versailles two weeks from tomorrow!

Deborah Bancroft

Wow Vicki, your Mitts look fabulous. I'm using Shadow for mine and love the neutral look as well. Saw a photo somewhere (Ravelry?) of arm warmers similar to ours worn over red leather gloves. Very cool. But Happy Spring, instead!


I can personally attest to the palace at Versailles to be as AWESOME as it appears on the screen (but incredibly crowded). (I still kind of get light-headed whenever I think about the gardens there . . . )

Your mitts are wonderful! I finally broke down and ordered a Zauberball for myself. It's on the way to me now. :-)


oh those mitts are great! I'm fascinated by the technique and hope to try it myself someday. I haven't heard of Versailles, but need to track it down. I loved seeing the palace in real life and in the movie Marie Antionette (one of my favorites).


These turned out so beautifully! And they will match everything, which is awesome!!

Adding Versailles to my "to watch" list ... always on the lookout for good knitflix shows ;)


The look so-FRENCH! I love the way the stripes blend and move. I bought a ball of blues (surprise) and need to dive in and play, learn, and knit my own!


They are beautiful!! I love them! I just need to have a couple of days uninterrupted knitting time and maybe I can get some things done!

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