FO: Mignon
Dear April,

FO: Squad II

It seems like a little FO parade happening over here! I realized that never blogged these finished Squad Mitts.


I never noticed that I screwed up the thumbs until I gave them a bath and pinned them down! My knitwear model never noticed, either, until I pointed it out. They don't feel funny or weird... I can't even explain how it happened. Kate's absconded with them and I haven't heard any complaints about it, so I haven't fixed it, either! I've one more pair of these underway, at about the half-way mark (i.e., one mitt is nearly done).



Another beautiful pair as the FO parade continues! Even with slightly different thumbs, it looks like they keep Kate's hands warm enough to do lots of important figuring and drawing.


They look good! Lots of creativity on this page!


Love these. Need to make some. Different thumbs are ok...kind of like, you know, one ear is always lower than the other. They look very nice on and if no one is complaining, say nothing!!


Great looking pair of mitts, Vicki. My intent was to knit a pair and before I could get around it them MD came out with the helical stripe technique. Keep up with the inspiration! I love the FO parade.


Okay, I gotta ask. How do you get such a great photo that shows both hands? Rusty shooting over your shoulder?


fraternal not identical - so what!


I just love those mitts! I had planned to knit a pair for myself . . . but Alabama Chanin got in my way. :-)


What lovely fraternal twins. I so have to make a pair too.


I love an FO parade! and I wouldn't have noticed anything amiss with the thumbs ... so glad they're getting worn and loved!


If Kate isn't complaining about an uncomfortable fit, I wouldn't give it another thought! I swear I'm going to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts before the next winter season!

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