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I finished listening to a book on my way to work today, and that put me back on track for hitting my Goodreads goal of reading 25 books this year!

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I tend to choose fairly long audio books (10-12 hours), but Exit West is only about 4 hours and I should be listening to Lincoln in the Bardo before too long! I fell in love with Bahni Turpin's voice, listening to her read The Underground Railroad -- so much that I looked up what other books she's read -- and added a few to my Wish List. I'm so thankful to know so many book lovers -- I'm always adding books to the list!!

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm going to try to do some reading, knitting, and dyeing. What do you have planned?



Hi Vicki - we have much the same book list. I have Lincoln in the Bardo on deck and A Gentleman from Moscow and East West in line for my book club. Love hearing your thoughts on books. I tend to listen to mysteries but book club pushes me to read things I wouldn't and this past year I loved loved loved listening to Evicted. Such an important read and well written.

Karen in Seattle


I listened to Dark Matter; strange book, but intriguing.


I enjoyed the audio of Exit West and Lincoln in the Bardo, which is strange with the 160+ voices, but so amazing, too! Knitting, reading, and stitching, and more are on my list this weekend. I look forward to seeing what you dye and what you do!


Bahni Turpin is a wonderful narrator! And Lincoln in the Bardo is on my short "next up" list. I've heard wonderful things about the audio. I'm currently 15 hours in (with 10 to go) on the Patrick Melrose novels. Really enjoying them. and I've got Mothering Sunday on my Kindle. Not at all sure what pages I'll read next...


Great books on your list, I'm curious about Lincoln in the Bardo, Dale is reading it now.


Thanks for these great book ideas! I've been on the fence about The Underground Railroad, but a great narrator really adds to a book and Bahni Turpin has narrated so many to choose from. I loved Exit West and I'll be interested in your thoughts on Dark Matter after you read it. My weekend also includes reading and knitting; I look forward to seeing your dyeing!


Okay. Now you've made me sad that I read The Underground Railroad as a book-book instead of audiobook! Narrators can make all the difference, y'know? I'm just about to start reading Exit West. So many books . . . so very many books! XO


I, too, am lucky to know so many book lovers - although "knowing" for many means Knitters whose blogs I read. This post has given me a couple of more books to add to my list.

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