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Right now!

Anticipating... Two weeks One week (time flies!) 'til the First Day of Spring!! I'm doubtful that it'll actually feel like spring, but we march on.

Celebrating... Major progress on a big catch-up job! I "celebrated" yesterday by clearing the Christmas detritus, among other things, off my worktable. There's more to do in both of these areas. Moving forward.

Drinking... Tea -- gigantic mugs of Tazo ZEN, and a daily SPORTea from the coffee shop. Also Campari-Orange -- with splashes of gin and club soda.

Eating... We're still cooking at home. I can't remember the last time we went out! I've found some really good recipes on the Weight Watchers site (and am also right around -10 lbs right now).

Enjoying... This lovely African violet that Rusty picked up on a whim the other day. It's on the kitchen table cheering everyone up!

Hoping... that the tax thing isn't too brutal this year. With the political shit storm happening right now, the task is even more distasteful than usual. What am I paying for...?

Knitting... Helical stripes! I'm on mitt #2. There's also a gnome on the needles, two polar bears with one eye between them (finally getting ready to embroider some eyes). Truth be told, there's an overwhelming jumble (okay, teetering pile) of knitting on my table that's needs attention -- at least two half-finished hats, the remains of several finished projects, and I just don't even know...

Looking forward to... Spain. I'm so happy that we'll be there to help celebrate Mack's 12th birthday!! Las Fallas is gearing up in Valencia now and Ann has been posting the most amazing pictures of light displays and things happening in the city! One of these years, it would be fun to visit during that time. It's so incredibly beautiful... and it all goes up in smoke!

Planning... Guest room renovation... and whole-house shaping up/clearing out! Watch for it this summer.


Reading... Roughneck Grace by Michael Perry (pages), The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead (ears).

Sewing... Well, my first attempt at an Alabama Chanin-style dress for Gin was a bust, but I'm ready to try again! Kym was kind enough to share a couple of inspiring Pins with me and now I'm jazzed again. Gin's 1st birthday is coming up in May, and I think I'll shoot for that.

Watching... Marcella. Intense!


Remembering... Just last week, when I arrived for work at 7 a.m. and it was light in the sky! Thankfully, it will soon come again. (Not a fan of DST.)

Wondering... What's up with you right now!?



You're busy! And Spain!!! Very, very exciting. I'm going to Florida in 9 days! After this storm we're getting tomorrow it will be well needed!


I'm gearing up for a snow day tomorrow and I hope that will mean lots of reading and knitting!


Love the catch up! The comments about the pile(s) of knitting made me laugh out loud :-) You know we're all looking forward to vicariously traveling to Spain (and maybe not so much the whole house clear you've promised for the summer .... because we'll all feel like we need to do it too?!) I'm wondering where Spring went - as I'm sure you are, too! xo!


Your Right Now makes me wish I could visit you in that lovely cozy atmosphere you've created with gigantic mugs of tea, the cheerful violet, teetering piles of knitting, and Campari-Orange. Congrats on the -10! Right now I'm just charging devices and getting ready for snow tomorrow, also contemplating another trip back to the liquor store for the big bottle of Rumchata!


I loved listening to The Underground Railroad - fantastic narration and a compelling story. And, Helical Stripes are so addictive!! I am adding Marcella to my list... Oh, and I had coffee with Kym today and it was so so lovely! XO


Right, DST is for the birds who now wake me up later, so I guess the time change has virtue.
Knitting elastic yarn, Cascade Fixation for kid's socks -- kids who grow fast. Taking light weight yarn for plane travel -- and looking forward to warm climate to visit said kiddies.
Reading "The Hidden Life of Trees", and watching spring unfold.
Enjoying my amaryllises and single orchid, knowing spring is around the corner.
Drinking hot tea too, a Xmas present of a variety of Kusmi teas are great. (Who did I get this from?)
Always, wondering.


Spain is exciting!! Can't wait for your posts from abroad. Love Compari (and Pims). I read The Underground Railroad - very good, but I also found it disturbing ( couldn't read it before bed or I didn't sleep well). Just finished "News of the World" and really enjoyed that. Now am reading The Summer Book - so far quite good.


If you dread doing taxes now, just wait until next year -- who knows what crazy stuff the Repubs will come up with. Just when we figured out how to handle the ACA insurance stuff on a 1040, they decide they want to change it all (I volunteer to do taxes for seniors and low-income, so I have seen a fair number of those ACA forms.)


Just count me as very, very far behind. You have so much news in this post and all of it good stuff. Who cares how many piles of knitting you have to sort through? It can happen when you're good and ready. Spring is in Utah. Apricots are blooming, bulbs are starting to blossom, and we're breaking records for warm days. (Sadly, I may be right about the 80 degree days!) Love your African violet, morning light (I miss it, too, but I love DST.), and just the thought of drinking tea with you makes me happy. Mary said it, we are ALL looking forward to your trip to Spain. And, congrats on the minus! Life has been busy (really good, but some sad). I hope to catch up soon!!

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