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FO: Hyacinthus Armwarmers (aka, Frenchy Mitts)

Weekending: Happy Spring!!

I walked up to the coffee shop yesterday morning and spotted this on a sidewalk block out front.


Spring is in the air! And oh so very WELCOME!!

And also to you... Whether you've been more or less reading since I began this blog on the First Day of Spring 13 years ago, or just landed here today... you are WELCOME and I THANK YOU!! I never imagined that blogging would bring so much to my life, but the friends I've made because of it are some of the best of my life. I've learned, grown, traveled, laughed, cried, quit smoking, and accomplished so much more because of it. I just can't imagine what my life would be like right now if I'd never begun typing...

_ _ _ _ _

I took it pretty easy over the weekend, leaving the house only once for the afore-mentioned walk and late yesterday to the grocery store. I did a little bookkeeping, helped Kate finish her taxes...

My main project was a new dress for Gin!


I just loved the little flower fabric to line the bodice, and decided to use it for contrasting patch pockets, too!

I went back and forth about snaps vs. buttons. It's been a while since I've done either, and was having a hard time remembering exactly how to do snaps... so decided on and chose some cute vintage buttons. Then I grabbed some fabric to make a few practice buttonholes and discovered that there's a problem -- some gears or cams are not quite right because it goes up on one side and down on the same side. I suppose I could have manually shifted the fabric, but that's just asking for trouble. I really wanted to finish this dress, though, so went back to the snaps and figured it out!

While there are a few sleeve variations included with the pattern, the cap sleeve is probably my favorite!

I've had the fabric for just over a year. I fell in love with it when I saw it in an Instagram post, tracked it down and located a source or two, and bought both woven and knit yardage -- this is the first thing I've made with it!

_ _ _ _ _


The kids were over for a while on Sunday afternoon. Gin's hair is getting long!!  ;)


Jun was a bundle of energy -- and imagination (with an assist from Aunt Kate)!!

How was your weekend??



It's so fun to see what the kids have been up to (OMG the hair!) and what you're doing, too. That little dress is just precious. We had a whirlwind weekend. Where do they go?


P.S. I'm so glad you're here!! I so enjoy your friendship!


Gin's new dress is beautiful! Oh how I love the fabrics you used. Jun is too funny (and growing up!). Looks like you had a good weekend and yay for Spring!!


The dress is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see a modeled shot of it.


The spring chalk welcome is beautiful, as is Gin's sweet dress. Because of the loveliness, love, creativity, and wonderful family you share with us, I'm so glad you've been typing for 13 years. Thank YOU!


I love the contrasting lining -- so pro!


Gin's hair is the best! and doesn't Jun look all grown up (with the clothespins :-)! That dress is adorable (glad you stuck with the contrasting fabric for the pockets!) and I cannot wait to see it modeled. Happy Monday. Happy Spring. and happy Blogaversary!!

Robby H.

You never told us before that you know "Clothespin Man"!

I meant to comment the other day and offer a word of congratulations on your Quit-iversary. Yay, you! And now, so many little people to help you love that decision every day.


That dress is just wonderful, Vicki! I can't wait to see Gin modeling it. :-) And the hair. Oh, the hair! Erin's hair stuck up just like that . . . for quite some time. It was just the most precious thing -- like Gin's. And Jun? Clothespins are just a marvel, aren't they? XO


That dress is so adorable! Nicely done - she is getting so big! And, Jun and the closepins.. lol I love it!


I do love that dress and do so wish I had a granddaughter to see for!! Love my 3 grandsons, and I do knit for them, but a little girl to sew for would be VERY special. It still could happen. We'll see!

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