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Unraveled - April 19

Brambling along

I cast on the Brambling Shawl on Friday night. By Saturday night I was working with two colors.


And on Sunday, I started the third color. So far, so good, though there is definitely more tangling/untangling now that a third color is in the mix... four ought to be a hoot!


I'm holding the subbed Haiku double, and it seems to be working out great. I love the coppery-gold color. I wasn't sure at first, with the slate, and almost ripped it out to start with a different color/arrangement, but reminded myself that I was happy with the plan... keep going! I'm glad I stuck with it.


I must be pretty impressed with myself, as I am taking daily progress photos!! Haha. The knitting and joins all seem pretty even and there aren't any gaping holes. I may have a few more or less stitches than I'm supposed to, sometimes getting a little lost in the direction, but it's not going to matter all that much in the end. It's not like there's a pattern repeat I need to be concerned about.


MDK's Field Guide No. 3 arrived, and Kay just announced a KAL for Kirsten's Colorwash Scarf -- which I am dying to cast on!! It was love at first sight. I was planning on finishing Brambling before doing that, but since BS is not what I'd call portable knitting (all those sticky tangly balls of yarn)... so I'm in! Justified. Now I need to come up with some yarn. Hm.

In other news:


I added some more bling to my WW ring last night, as I've been a member & attending meetings for 16 weeks! And I'm close to that number in pounds lost, too, so I'm happy that I'm sticking with it (doing it "my way," of course).



I love your Brambling! Nice colors!! And, YAY to you for your WW success!! That is so awesome!!


Your way is the only way to go! The gold in Brambling really makes the whole thing pop and your joins look fantastic!


Congrats on the WW success. Brambling is gorgeous! Love the gold with the other colors. That yarn looks like a nightmare to work with though - fuzzy. And the Colorwash sorely tempted (but my Field Guide hasn't arrived yet...maybe today when I get home...I hope).


So many "good newses" (that's a Katie-ism from way back) packed into one post! Your intarsia is looking great and I love the color combo. I'm also IN for the KAL (in spite of having another project that's perfect portable ;-) ... and congrats on the new WW bling. way to go!


Your Brambling color choices are gorgeous; I'm glad you didn't change the plan! (I also really love those cool stitch markers.) Hooray for 4 months and pounds down; your way is clearly working!


Hip-hip-hurrah to lost pounds!
I am also eager to knit from Field Guide #3, but I have so many projects. What to do?

Robin F.

Your brambling colors are lovely together. After exploring the pattern on Rav I'm intrigued. I might have to stash dive and buy the ebook. Congrats on WW success.

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