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FO: In Threes (a baby cardigan)

Obviously, sewing buttons on a handknit baby sweater is way more fun than working on taxes. No foolin'!

Knitorious-blog_IN THREES_baby-cardigan_knitting

Knitorious-blog_IN THREES_baby-cardigan_knitting_2

I made this because of March Madness and Kay!! I was all set to finish in three nights, too, except that the third night was Wisconsin vs. Florida and there was no way!!

The finished sweater weighs 175 grams, so two hanks of yarn with plenty left over. I think I had four altogether, and will likely make another in a larger size -- though may overdye the yarn. I'm actually thinking INDIGO!



It's adorable!


What a sweet sweater for Gin! I bet overdying with indigo would also be a lot more fun than working on taxes ...


I love it! and of course I love the vintage buttons, but now that I know they're mismatched, it's even better! Look forward to seeing modeled (action?!) shots!!




Gin is going to be one well-dressed little girl!! Oh yes! Indigo will be perfect!

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