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Plus 30


This is one of my all-time favorite photos, taken 30 years ago today -- so just add 30 years to all of those ages.


As promised, I made another Bunny Cake this year.


And who was BEYOND EXCITED?? He watched as three of us lit the candles -- with some heavy breathing, as he practiced his blowing skills -- and between them, he & his mum blew out all 30 candles in one try!


That was Ali's Birthday/Easter in 1995, the last time I made a Bunny Cake. My calculations tell me that it will happen next in 2028 (I'll be going-on-70) and then not again until 2090 (Ali will be 103)!! I'm planning to be here next time but certainly won't be the time after that, so I'm glad I did it this year.

We went out for a nice Easter brunch buffet with Kate, Ali & Rod & their kids, and Rod's parents. I don't think we've ever gone out for Easter before -- or anytime other than some Mothers Days. It was nice to take it easy and not worry about cooking a big meal, but I miss the leftovers!

It was a very nice day yesterday -- reminiscent of that day 30 years ago, if a bit breezier and not quite as warm -- and all of a sudden people wanted to do work in the garden!


I was trying to take a panoramic photo, but it gets weird when people are moving (last week, I ended up with a photo of two-headed Gin!) -- this is the best I could do, tho Kate's a bit cut off and Ali's hands are weird, it gives a pretty good sense of the scene. The girls are digging up volunteer bleeding heart to respectively transplant, and clearing a one-time path to ready it for fresh mulch (which is to be my Mothers Day present). Works for me!


Sweet family time -- it was great to hang out together (working off that brunch!).

I hope you had a great weekend!!



OMG! THOSE TOES! You and your lovely family make such wonderful memories!


A flower between her toes!! Love that shot. Cute bunny cake too. Sounds like a fabulous weekend.


What a wonderful weekend! My mother had a Betty Crocker pamphlet full of "shape cakes" so we also had bunnies, teddy bears, trains, etc. What a treat to see a grown-up bunny cake! And all those garden helpers bring joy to my heart. I wish I had an adorable baby with flowers between her toes in my garden!

Robby H.

In that one shot, it looked like the bunny had a belly-ache from all the fire on his tum. What a sweet thing to do again and relive some fun memories.


What a fantastic day! And that cake is so cool. Jun and Gin are lucky ducks!


THOSE TOES!!! thank you so much for sharing that sweet photo with us. And I'm super impressed with your Easter/Birthday calculations. and the bunny cakes. What a fun way to celebrate when the dates match up!

Kim Dean

Bill the Cat!!

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