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Remember the time...

I did a quick Facebook search last Saturday morning to find out the date of our local Master Gardeners' sale, which I'd previously neglected to note. (It's May 20th.) While on the Master Gardeners' page, I noticed that someone had posted about the Fox Valley Embroiderers' Guild's biennial show... and I decided to hop in the car and go!


What a lot of great work -- all types! And everyone was super friendly. The show included demonstrations and a marketplace, and I especially loved the part of the exhibit devoted to works-in-progress... I am a "process" girl, after all.

I wasn't inspired to buy a kit or start anything new (nor did I take any photos), but it did get me thinking about my long-languishing "Mothers Tree" cross-stitch project.


Remember the time that I first (and last?) blogged about this project?


It was in 2006, part of the very fun ABC-Along -- E is for Embroidery!! That was back in the stone age of blogging, or at least the age of Ringsurf age. Haha. Remember THAT? And way before Ali became a mother!

I think it might be time to dig that out and get to work.

I'd sure like to find out more about Mary Bauer's mother, too (and I may have picked up the trail!)

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It seems like serendipity that you came upon the embroider's guild show, and I truly love that they display wips! Neither knitting nor embroidery is done quickly and it's important to acknowledge the process. I missed your E is for Embroidery back in 2006, so I'm happy for a chance to revisit your wonderful Mothers Tree. A very cool remembrance!


Oh yes! We had such fun with our ABC along! I think may also have done E is for Embroidery.


Oh, I just LOVE your Mother's Tree! Yes. I think you need to finish. :-)


I remember the ABC Along, it was great fun and you were inspirational! And yes, the blog rings. Oh boy, that seems like so long ago now!


Another one here who missed your posts back in 2006, but that tree is amazing...so beautiful. I agree -- you need to work on it!! But, also enjoy the time you spend on it of course.


Oh, wow! That tree embroidery is stunning! I love it!


I hope you get that project back out again ... it's beautiful! (and I really enjoyed reading your 2006 post and the part about "too many Marys" ... both my grandmothers were named Mary, and it seemed like there were "too many Marys" when I was around either or both of them ;-)

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