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Unraveled - April 19

Joining Kat & friends again this week for Unraveled Wednesday!

The current knitting (and plans) having been established yesterday, here's an update on another project we've got going around here.


Priming has been completed since I took this photo the other day, and paint colors have been chosen & purchased!

My inspiration for color is the pastel drawing by my sister Sharon that you can see in the middle foreground.


She really was the most amazing artist.


I always wished she'd done more of this type of work. We have very few pieces, which are treasured beyond measure... as you might imagine.

That piece is rather cool, but this bright north-facing room needs warming up, so I gathered a bunch of paint chips and tried to pick a warm coordinating yellow. I'm going to do some deco painting on the dresser (blue)... and that's about as far as I am in the process.


Pages: Dark Matter, and I'm enjoying it a lot more than expected! Book club was postponed 'til next week, but I'm already booked to babysit the kiddos so their parents can have a night out. As much as I'm enjoying it, my actual book reading goes pretty slowly and it's doubtful I'd be finished even with the extra week.

Audio: Lincoln in the Bardo. OMG, I am LOVING this book!! I am grateful to Margene's concise review on Goodreads recommending the audio version -- I bought it without even sampling (unheard of)! I did do an image search because I needed to see a page, though. It is unusual but mostly it is genius; heartbreaking, sad, witty, bawdy, hilarious. I am listening at every opportunity.



I love your painting project, and the best part is that you're planning it around Sharon's art. Both the room and Sharon's work are truly wonderful. I've been hesitant about Lincoln in the Bardo, but with recommendations from you and Margene I don't think I can go wrong!


I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the narration. You describe the book very well! Love your sister's painting and that you'll use it as inspiration for the room. It is going to be so fun to watch the change and I hope you'll chronicle the progression!


Thank you for the book recommendations! I need something to listen too! And, your painting project around your sister's artwork is amazing! I can't wait to see it done!


Beautiful painting ---- I have a teenage daughter who is quite an artist too. I'm so in awe of those with such natural talent. Thank you for sharing your project and book recommendations. Happy painting and reading :-)


Love the painting! Your room will be absolutely INSPIRED! (I'm reading Lincoln in the Bardo right now, too. Although the print version. Because it was readily available at my library, so I checked it out.) XO


What a difference new paint makes!
Nice colors,


That painting is amazing - what a treasure! ...I started Lincoln in the Bardo yesterday and completely agree with everything you said. I'm wondering if I can find enough alone time today to finish it!


Love, love, love your sister's pastel drawing. And perfect that you are planning the room around that color scheme. It will be wonderful! Lincoln in the Bardo hasn't really appealed to me, but there are so many positive reviews that I just put it on hold (e-book) from my library.


Your creativity is amazing! I can't wait to see what you do. And thanks for the LitB info. I had hesitated but will be putting it into my Audible library soon!

Kim Dean

The audiobook must be extraordinary, with the opportunity to have different voices for all the characters.

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