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Unraveled: Colorwash

"Wild yarn," you say? I've got it.

A few years ago, I photographed a washtub full of (bobbing-for-) apples at my sister's Halloween party for the kids.

At the time, I had lamented the absence of a "watercolor" app for Android, as iEveryone and their iSister were Waterlogue-ing everything (iEnvy). But! My wonderful friend Margene had just pointed me in the direction of an app called SketchGuru, which had a "watercolor" feature... I loved the result! In fact, that manipulated photo was hanging in my kitchen until very recently -- and I only removed it because someone in the vicinity was on a cleaning jag and I didn't want anything to hinder progress.


Anyway, a week or two later, inspired by that photo, I dyed three hanks of yarn -- saturated, colorful, and as WILD as they come!! I loved them then and love them now, but they are WILD (i.e., challenging).

It was this yarn that immediately came to mind when I saw the title of the MDK Field Guide No. 3 was "WILD YARNS."

Oh, also a Colorwash Scarf KAL?? I'm so in...


I'd used three different bases when I did that dying, and the one pictured above is a merino-silk single, similar to the yarn Kirsten used when she designed the pattern. I hadn't dyed any other color and... well, what color would even go with this? I decided to try pairing it with a natural/undyed hank.

I wound it up and set to it on Friday morning.


I posted on Instagram:

This is two repeats. I had a feeling that the contrast would be too much, and I think it is. I love that crazy dyed yarn but, among other things, it is SUPER saturated! I think it would rather be paired with a dusky light purple-gray. #frogginginchicago

Then Kate messaged that she was on her way to pick me up, so I stuffed it in my bag and we headed home.


A tiny little voice whispered that maybe 2 repeats was not enough to let this pattern & yarn combo develop -- and I listened. (Because how many times have I ignored whatever that voice was saying -- even when it was practically SHOUTING -- and kept on going with something that was just.not.right??) (Countless!) (It's a fine line...)

On Saturday:

I lied... did not frog this yesterday. I liked how it looked in the photo better than in person... that and some encouragement from Kym @awayfromtheedge made me keep going. It's looking like a rainbow, bright & happy. For now, onward! This is into the 6th repeat.

That was basically the point of no return.


This morning. I am currently on nearly finished the 13th repeat, and I like it more and more. It's happy. It's bright. It's colorful. It reminds me of fun times and special people, and also of a rainbow.


Close up!

If it turns out I don't like it in the end, I can a) give it away or b) over-dye the whole thing!

I'm anxious for the finish -- border, blocking (it'll open up quite a bit), and wearing!!

READING? Same...

Joining Kat & friends again this week for Unraveled Wednesday!



I like the way your yarn is knitting!


Your Colorwash is gorgeous! I think your dyeing interpretation of the original photo is perfect, and it is perfectly paired with the natural. I'm also anxious for the finish and so glad you didn't frog!


I think it looks terrific! I have a feeling this pattern is one that you need to get into a bit before you can really see how the colors are going to look.


I love the bright colors! I can see this worn with favorite faded blue jeans (or denim skirt) and a simple white shirt or tshirt. It would totally jazz up a simple outfit. Beautiful. And I agree with Bonny about the dying interpretation od the painting. Love them both. I have also really enjoyed all the birthday posts. Thanks for sharing.


I love how this is turning out, Vicki! It will go with a million things! Nice work - and speedy!

Jeannie Gray

So bright & cheerful! Perfect for spring.


Oh Thank God you did not rip!! It is fabulous/wonderful/wacky/wild/beautiful and so, so enjoyable. This will go with EVERYTHING from jeans to a simple black (or white or any color) dress, etc., etc. Your watercolor photo is fabulous by the way.

Robin F.

I love the bright saturated colors- I agree that the white looked stark to begin with but it grew on me. I would have tried black- when I quilt I love a black background with my bright batiks. If you end up not liking it then I will give it a good home...just saying.

Robin F.

Are the other 2 skeins for sale?


So glad you kept going because I think it looks crazy, wild, wonderful!! If it really is too much at the end it will hold up to a dunk in the dye vat. I haven't used that app in awhile, but I'm going to give it another go. Thanks for the reminder.

Helen B

Oh wow, that yarn is knitting up beautifully, every photo of your growing scarf is more stunning than the last, can't wait to see it finished.


So glad you kept going! It's looking so colorful!


I think it looks gorgeous!


I think it's a fabulous color scheme! And a very fun story of the yarn colors--that's a great picture. (and thanks for the tip on the app)


The pattern is genius and I think the WILD and undyed combo works perfectly with it. I predict you are most definitely going to keep it and love it!!


I LOVE it! So happy you kept going . . . :-)


It's beautiful. And it will be another reminder of the time and the place of the picture in question.


I love it. It reminds me of the speckled yarn that is so popular right now.


Really pretty. It would definaltely cheer up one of those gloomy gray days for sure :)


That looks great! Sometimes we should listen to that little voice, and sometimes we need to persist and then decide.


Good decision to delay frogging. It looks great!

Kim Dean


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