Day off

Book Bingo!

I had an OK weekend, despite aches & major sniffles from a springtime cold. We finished booking most of the transportation and lodging for Spain. We had some family time. I went to bed early...

I'm looking forward to an extra-long holiday weekend and the chance to catch up on some of the other things I'd planned to do last weekend!

Meanwhile, I'm feeling much better today, and am revving my reading engine!! Here's my 2017 BOOK BINGO card and ideas so far:


The green-shaded squares are books that are currently underway. I'm nearly finished with Dark Matter, so am making progress with Homeland and Other Stories while I bide my time until the start of Memorial Day Weekend to finish (just a few more days!). I have to determine which of the others will be begged, borrowed, or stolen (haha, not really) (purchased: new or used), and which will be audio, if not already designated by category.


That's what I'm thinking as of now! I have multiples for a number of squares and definitely reserve the right to switch things around. The one that's stumped me so far is "ABOUT POLITICS," because ew. Would The Handmaid's Tale work for that one? (Can you believe I've never read it??)

I am open to suggestions!!

Ready readers? Are you working on your BOOK BINGO card? There's plenty of time to pull it together. Mary has all the details, rules, and a link to the card generator!



Ooh, great card, excellent book choices! One Man's Meat and Home Cooking are two of my all-time favorites (along with the beautiful illustrations and knitting in The Mitten), and I absolutely think The Handmaid's Tale would work for About Politics. I'm also impressed with your organization; my card is a bit of a mess already where I've scribbled and crossed out. Happy Reading and Bingo-ing!


Wow! You are ORGANIZED with your card! My summer bingo always tends to be a little more . . . organic. I plan a little, but mostly just stumble around! I hope you're feeling better and can really enjoy the coming long weekend. Happy reading, Vicki! XO


Just in case you need another book by a Wisconsin author or set in Wisconsin, may I recommend Driftless by David Rhodes?


Yay for Book Bingo and double yay for summer reading! All of these posts just warm this librarian's heart. I totally think The Handmaid's Tale works for the politics square. And I'm a big fan of making the books I want to read fit into the squares I have. You know - your bingo card, your rules.


Great card and great choices! One Man's Meat, Shadow of the Wind, A Moveable Feast are all wonderful books! Some of your other choices have been on my list to read. Hope you are feeling better.

PS love the chalk art from your last post!


I've read several books on your list and think you have some really good reading ahead!! Good to hear you're feeling better!


ooh your card looks so ... together! I saw Audacity of Hope in your Goodreads update feed and assumed it was a Memoir by an US politician - that could certainly work for About Politics and then you could listen to one of David Sedaris' books for the Narrated by the Author square? (or Exit West by Mohnin Hahmid - I just finished and loved it). Bottom line - looks like summer reading is shaping up great!


Fantastic squares!! And, I strongly second Mary's David Sedaris suggestion. I am glad you are feeling better!


What a beautiful page you've got here! I'm so impressed by your card and the fact that I haven't heard of hardly any of those books. You've given me a few to look at too - thank-you!


I've never tried Book Bingo despite being intrigued by the concept for a couple of years. I think I will actually do it this year!!

Robin F.

Handmaids tale is on my card to read also. For politics Try Washington's Farewell address


Wow! I only a few of the squares that you have. Great list

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