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Dear June,

Day off

Yesterday was my usual day off of work, and I decided to do a literal interpretation for a change. No dentist appointments, no banking or bill-paying, no grocery shopping, no dusting, no, nothing, nada.

I didn't get dressed until noon -- and, really, only then because there'd already been two delivery men at the door, and also because I'd be warmer. It was overcast and cool outside and... well, just not the kind of day that energizes me!

I never put on shoes and never left the house.

I never woke up my computer nor turned on the light in my workroom.

I watched TV and sewed.

Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, I'd watched all of The Keepers on Netflix.

I basted the binding on the Alabama Chanin Corset over the weekend but that's not what I've been working on. What's been in-hand lately is the Magdalena A-Line Tunic that I stenciled about a year ago.


This crazy thought popped into my head: Wouldn't it be fun to wear this in Spain?


I doubt that I'll finish in time. This is the state of the front -- a bit of sewing yet to do, and a lot of cutting -- and I'll have to locate the back!

But... I'll never say "Never"!!



That's my kind of day although I admire your fortitude of never turning on your computer - I don't think I could manage that!


I never thought about how we so rarely take a day off on our days off, but this is a brilliant idea! No computer and no chores leaves more time for a wonderfully restorative day. It would be great to wear that AC in Spain (but not backless), so happy stitching!


What a wonderful day! Because I'm on a computer at work every day, I almost never fire up my laptop at home...maybe only once every two weeks or so and that has been very, very liberating. Love the tunic!


LOVE that top! Your day sounds heavenly. I've taken "most" of a day off from the screen, but never fully succeeded in 100% downtime. I've just added The Keepers to my cue! Too many TV shows, too many books, too many AC projects (did you see the new book!?), and more living to do, but isn't it all wonderful?


A day of unplugging sounds divine! I think I'll schedule one soon. . . I love your tunic. And, somehow, I'm going to bet that you git'r'dun!!! (Because you're Like That.) (I bought the Magdelena stencil. I am totally intimidated about using it, though. So. There it sits.)


Oh, Vicki! That is gorgeous! Wow... and now I am queuing up "The Keepers" and settling in! Thank you!


Your day sounds completely lovely. And I LOVE that top - with the long weekend ahead, I'm thinking it's completely possible you'll be wearing it in Spain!


I think you can do it! And you've just described my favorite kind of day too! Oh how I wish there were more of them!

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