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FO: Colorwash Scarf

It's official!



Isn't she lovely? Kym deserves credit that this is even a thing! I was this >< close to frogging after barely getting a start; she was the lone voice cautioning, "not so fast, see what happens." And I listened!

We seem to be forming a Mutual Encouragement Society!


I love how it turned out. It was really fun to knit and watch it develop; the more I knit, the more I liked it.

It's bright and bold -- and a bit outside of my comfort zone. It will "go" with almost anything, though, and will certainly provide a pop of color to my normally dark and neutral wardrobe.


I think there are a couple of reasons this worked so well, despite the super-colorful and super-saturated yarn.

One is that Kirsten's brilliant pattern was designed for WILD YARNS, and this is certainly that!

Another is that the distribution of color was very even throughout. Each color was given equal billing, so to speak, and they all play nicely together -- there are no spotlight-hogging (pooling or flashing) divas!


I'm on the fence about the yarn, which I've never used before. It's very soft and there's a fabulous halo; I'm not sure how it will hold up over time, especially in terms of pilling. It's also very hard... it's difficult to describe, but it makes a "hard edge" that I sometimes find uncomfortable to wear, and I wonder if that might be slightly less an issue without the silk element. It might be partly design; I find it tricky to comfortably wear any shawl that has a really taut edge. It's definitely a thing with me, though, because it's not just shawls -- this is something that happens with all types of garments, whether commercial or handmade. I don't know what it is, but if it doesn't sit "just so," it can hurt my neck, back, shoulders.


It sure makes me so happy, though, and it looks fabulous on the form. I will fuss 'til it feels right!

Meta moment with Kate... she's posting about me taking pictures to post about my knitting. (She'd also been working in the garden!)



It's officially gorgeous! I like bright colors, but "toned down" so they're wearable, and your Colorwash is definitely that. I've got some very wild STR that I have been wondering what to do with and this might be the answer, but I'm not sure it would be as wonderful as yours. I LOVE it (and Kate's meta moment)!


The way the colors play is truly what made it look so good and work so well. I totally get what you mean about something sitting "just so". I have discarded so many nice pieces of clothing for being "offenders" of my neck. The scarf is certainly one worthy of fussing to make it work. It's lovely!!


BRAVO! Looking at yours, I wonder if I should have gone up to a US 8, mine feels like it is taking forever to knit and looks tight... I love the addition of the contrast in the cream at the end.


This really turned out so well. It is beautiful. I love the addition of the stripes in the cream garter section.

Julia in kw

It looks GREAT! It has me thinking about a couple of my wilder skeins of sock yarn....hmmmm! Thanks for inspiring me!


Absolutely spectacular! Thank you for sharing all the great details! And, YAY to Kym for preventing from a trip to the frog pond!


I think it's absolutely wonderful!

Robby H.

It's really lovely. I do get that sometimes something looks fine when we wear it but ti just doesn't feel right. As more time goes by, I'm willing to suffer less and less for fashion, not that I was all that good at it in the first place!

FYI - Target is GONE. I just saw your lovely shawl picture on my Feedly feed. Which is truly much, much more appealing than Target, not that I don't patronize Target, but compared to colorful, wearable art? No contest.


It's beautiful! maybe that hard edge will soften up with wear? I hope so ... you need to be wearing the piece, not the dress form!


It turned out beautiful - the prettiest one I've seen. Let us know how wearable it is for you.


I love, Love, LOVE it!!!! Too bad about the "hard" edge (and I totally get what you mean by that). I wonder if additional soaks will soften it up? Maybe a little single crochet edge with a more comfortable yarn?

Anyway. I love it -- and I'm so glad you kept going. It is FAB!!!


I love the addition of the stripe. Hope you can find a way to wear it without issue.

Yah to Kym for encouraging you to continue.

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