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Unraveled: closing in

Joining Kat & friends again this week for Unraveled Wednesday!

I've been exclusively working on my Colorwash Scarf, and here's where it's at as of this afternoon:


I noticed a silly but large & noticeable mistake late last night, so took a little time this afternoon to rip & re-knit a few rows before taking it outside for a photo.

Here's a close up:


Um, yeah. This is one colorful Colorwash. I'm so glad I didn't rip it! It's probably one of the happiest things I've ever knit.

The plan is to finish & block this, then return to & finish the Brambling Shawl, and ONLY THEN will I begin to entertain notions of possibly knitting an adorable mouse... though first I should probably finish knitting the adorable rabbit that's been underway for a couple of years now... oh, and polar bear eyes (I'm getting closer).

Too many things + a little procrastination.

I finished listening to Lincoln in the Bardo just this morning. I am certain that I will be listening to it again, and I also desire a hard copy (my bookseller is on it).

It was just incredible -- one of the most unusual books I've ever read/heard, and also one of the best. I truly laughed out loud (while driving in my car, possibly being given a wide berth by fellow travelers), and also cried. The performances are stunning. I highly recommend this book (5 stars!) -- in whatever format you prefer (I believe it takes a little while to get comfortable with either).

I've listened to a little music and downloaded a new audio book today... but I'm not quite ready to move on, so will start it tomorrow.

What's it? Crossing To Safety by Wallace Stegner.

My interest was piqued after reading Carole's review and a few others. I'm always interested in good books with a Wisconsin angle, too!

Dark Matter is still the book on my nightstand!

What are you knitting & reading?



I hope you love Crossing to Safety! I can't decide whether I want to read Lincoln in the Bardo or listen to it. Dale read it and loved it but people who listened to it also love it. It's a good problem to have, I think. Right now I'm listening to Dept. of Speculation and reading Moonglow and both are great. Love your colorful Colorwash!


I was unsure about starting LitB, but now that I've listened to it, it's definitely one of the most original, entertaining, and interesting books I've read. I thought Crossing to Safety was great, and hope you enjoy its wonderfully-told story. And your Colorwash! Beautiful, happy, and the close-up pattern is mesmerizing! I love it!


My book group read Crossing to Safety a couple years ago. Stegner is not one of my favorite authors. but I enjoyed this book a lot.


I'm glad you stuck with that happy yarn, too - love how it's knitting up (and of course it's going to look great with a black top!) Crossing to Safety is still on my TBR, along with Angle of Repose - thanks to Kym, I think - hoping I'll get that "on your TBR for more than a year" category to tackle one of them :-)


I, too, loved Lincoln in the Bardo. I read the hard copy version, and now I want to listen to the audiobook version. (It's that good.) I hope you love Crossing to Safety. Wallace Stegner is (I think) my very favorite author. (And I love, Love, LOVE your Colorwash scarf. LOVE.) XO

Robin F.

Your scarf is so fun looking and will get lots of wear. Glad you stuck with it. I'm on the list for LITB from the library. Currently reading Henna House.


Your scarf is so colorful and so wonderful...I can see why you've been so happy knitting it! And once I finish listening to HP Prisoner of Azkaban LITB is next! I'm so excited!

Helen B

Your scarf is beautiful and so cheery to see, I am so glad you stuck with the colours


I love your scarf! It is gorgeous! Wow! Those colors are so amazing! And, I am on the list for Lincoln on the Bardo! :)


I have read most of Stegner's books and love Crossing to Safety and Recapitulation best. All his books are top-notch literature. Colorwash is happy, bright, vibrant, and it certainly lives up to its name!

Jeannie Gray

Your scarf is gorgeous! I wish I could do audio books in the car but .... Every time I try, I suddenly find myself 3 states past my interstate exit.


Stegner is one of my favorite authors. Crossing to Safety is beautiful. Hoping you enjoy (or are enjoying) it. Your colorwash is so happy! Love it.

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