Day off

Dear June,

Yeah, well, I'm glad you're here. You've always been a pretty awesome month, no matter what's been going on!

The last half of May sort of kicked my ass. The "springtime cold" and "major sniffles" I was experiencing are most certainly allergy related... it's been two weeks, so obviously not a cold. Dumb. As a result, my energy level has not that great (when's the last time I slept for 12 hours?) and I haven't been moving all that fast. I really hope to see some improvement there!

And there's plenty to look forward to. After all, it's SUMMER!!


This year, I'm doing some traveling. It'll be a quick trip and jam-packed, but should be an awful lot of fun. Kate & I are traveling together to Spain, via Ireland, where we'll join up with Maddy and then visit my sister Ann & her family for a few days!

Kate & I have a 24-hour layover in Dublin, and plans to visit #1) a pub and #2) Trinity College to see The Book of Kells. (In that order.)

The next day, we'll fly to Madrid and hop a train for Barcelona to meet Maddy, who is flying from Sydney, Australia! We've booked an Airbnb overnight there, and our host sent a list of things to do so long that even if we were there a month, we'd barely make a dent! (For the Future File.) We've purchased advance tickets to visit La Sagrada Familia, and will have a few more hours to explore before we catch a train to Valencia.

Other than paella, Mack's birthday cheesecake, and a visit to Albufera National Park, paella, we don't really have any firm plans for our 3+ days in Valencia! But we have plenty of ideas, and whatever we do will be amazing.

The girls and I will head back to Madrid on the train, where we've booked another overnight Airbnb, and our flight for home departs the next morning.

I won't have my computer, but maybe a tablet, and of course my phone... we'll just see how it works out for posting. Keep an eye on Instagram!

Maddy will be home!!

Later in the month, we'll all be heading up north to my uncle's cabin for a few days.

In between is my twin sisters' birthday, my niece is coming for a quick visit before she packs up & moves to Florida next month, and I have a million projects that I want to finish/do, including some new mosaic tables for the pergola. I'm pretty busy, both at work and at home, trying to get everything done that will need doing while we're away. Whew.

It's always so nice to see you!

Love, Vicki

P.S. I think Jun & I are going to have a sleepover tomorrow!

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Yes! June is going to be pretty splendid! What fun plans you have. :-) (My advice on the Book of Kells . . . GO EARLY. The lines are ungodly long.) A sleepover sounds so exciting. XO


Your June is going to be fantastic! And time with Jun will be so fun!


The book of Kells is amazing!
Sounds like fun ahead


That trip sounds like a whirlwind of fun and fantastic things! June is going to be great!


Have a fantastic trip! AND!! an even more fantastic reunion with Maddy! XO


Wow! Your June sounds amazing - so many wonderful things. Hard to believe Maddy will be coming home! Hope you are feeling better - I've been suddenly plagued with horrendous sinus headaches. Yuck! Have a fun sleepover with Jun!!


What a month ahead! Here's hoping you and Jun have a great time together this evening!


Yay JUNE!!! Your trip is going to be amazing! the sights alone sound wonderful, but when you add in the people you'll see ... just WOW!


I can't wait to see your trip photos and hear about your adventures. I've got Spain on my brain ever since the PBS June program guide arrived and the Rick Steeves shows (at least in our tv market) are going to focus on Spain. It will be a nice Spanish travel immersion June for me, thanks to you and Rick!

Robin F

What a busy month. Your trip plans sound awesome, I got tired just reading about all the places you will see! I move at a much slower pace obviously than you do but still wish I was going with you. have some paella for me-it's one of my favorite dishes. How wonderful to travel with your girls. I'm more than a little jealous. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about the trip. Coming home to more activity will keep you busy all month.


La Sagrada Familia will surprise you no matter how much you know before you get there. It is so amazing - plan more time than you expect to see it! Some are put off by the artwork - I found it to be awe-inspiring in every way. It is for me, a joy-filled place! Enjoy - can't wait to see what you think about it all.


I bet you will find lots of cable inspiration in the Book of Kells!

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