Auntie Camp v.3

FO: Mini-Me for K & G

My friend Ellen welcomed her 3rd grandchild in the past couple of months -- a boy! We've known the family a long time, as Ali and Ellen's daughter Abbey have been BFFs since high school. I've taken many photos of the family over the years, including Abbey & Kevin's (surprise!) engagement, her brother & sister-in-law Alex & Carrie's wedding photos, and some newborn/child/family photos.

A few weeks ago, Ellen asked if I'd be able to replicate a "favorite" hat of Kevin's for the baby. Kevin had a birthday coming up and she thought it would be a fun gift... "beard optional," she said.

Hahahaha... Typing "BEARD" into the Ravelry pattern search field returns more than 350 patterns!



I used Two by One, a pattern by Mandy Powers, as a guide for the hat. Details on Ravelry.


And Baby Beard by Poststitch for the beard. Details on Ravelry.


I'm being a little lazy today. We had a STELLAR Auntie Camp, but I am pooped, back at work, and was waylaid near the end by allergies or a cold. Allergy meds seem to help, so I'm going with that.



That is so stinkin' cute! I love it!


Absolutely adorable! Hope to hear about Auntie Camp after you recover!


What a darling hat and such a clever beard!

Linda Piotrowski

Sorry you are not feeling well.

This is too adorable. What a sweet photo of Dad and the new little guy together. What an amazing job you did on the hat and beard. Love it.

Feel better!


Oh I hope a few night's rest (I'm sure you haven't one in a while!) help you feel better ... and there is NOTHING lazy about that adorable mini-me set. (I had no idea "beards" were so popular on Ravelry ;-)


What a hoot!! Love the ensemble. Great photo of the big and little guys. Hope you feel better soon.


Those hats are adorable! And you and I have the same taste in rides :-)


Babe and dad look so alike! How fun and creative of you!


haha I love this! I need to point my other half at this site my son needs to have a beard hat.

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