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Unraveled Wednesday

Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!

My reading is slow, as usual, and all over the Bingo board...

2017 Book Bingo

I'm currently listening to The Shadow of the Wind, and enjoying it quite a bit; Hillbilly Elegy is on my Kindle; and for pages, I've just put a library hold on Home Cooking: A Writer In The Kitchen.

On Friday, when the boys were kayaking with Maddy in Stevens Point, I stopped by my LYS to get yarn for a special project.


I finally cast on Sunday night and this is an up-to-the-minute progress shot; I have placed my markers and am about to commence 5 repeats of Chart C. The project is Forest Mystery by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz. I am using Malabrigo "Dos Tierras" in a colorway called Lettuce. It is gorgeous, and it's going to be a gift for Kiwi Mom. It may be spring in New Zealand by the time she gets it, but oh well. My mother always said that the best time to do something is when you have the time to do it... so that's my story.


Caffeine Girl

I read Home Cooking years ago and truly loved it.
The color of your shawl is indeed gorgeous!


I'm jumping up and down hoping you like Home Cooking as much as I do. It's one of my all-time favorite books and the one that I think let me know that cooking didn't have to be fussy or contain a zillion special ingredients and techniques. (If you happen to like it, she also wrote More Home Cooking!) Your Forest Mystery is a beautiful pattern knit with beautiful yarn and will be a very special gift for Kiwi Mom!

Kim Dean

My Bingo card is crazy, too. But you have to read what you want to read.


I love the color of Kiwi Mom's scarf! And I've been debating what to read for my "About Food" square - sounds like Home Cooking will be perfect for that. Thank you!


ooohhh, Lettuce is one of my favorite Malabrigo colorways - that pattern is so pretty! and yay for all the books. I read Shadow of the Wind years ago and loved it (and I decided to wait on HE ... it's on my kindle though :-)


Okay. I am definitely going to check out the Home Cooking book. And the scarf/shawl is going to be absolutely gorgeous. And your mom was right! XO


I am off to add Home Cooking to my read list! And, that shawl is beautiful!! I love the color!


Kiwi Mom is going to be so happy!! What a beautiful gift you are making. Love the color, love the pattern. With the addition of all the comments above, I need to add Home Cooking to my list. My bingo card looks a lot like yours...I'm reading much slower this year (which is ok).


I've been skipping around, too, but hope to have a Bingo with the books I'm reading now. That green is magical!

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