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I love lavender!


Maddy's been doing a little yard work, and she left me this lovely bouquet after trimming back the lavender. And a note... I love notes!

I watched Jun for a little while on Saturday afternoon while his mum & Gin ran errands.


We checked out and covered the potatoes (he calls them "tomatoes") and hung out in the back yard for a while, put together three puzzles, played ball (with two balls!), took the bears for a buggy ride down the sidewalk, and chatted with the neighbor.


Then Ali & Gin hung out for a while, too!


A little faucet repair was the first order of business on Sunday morning. I'd discovered a leak/drip late Saturday night and called Rusty; we decided to just shut it off under the sink (also emptying that cabinet because, of course, it was all wet, too). I took it apart and put it back together four times in the morning and it was just getting worse! I finally snapped these photos and sent them to Rusty. See that little "ring" in the first photo? That's actually two pieces that came off as one -- an inside brass piece that gets tightened with a wrench (and stops leaks!), and a decorative piece that's hand-tightened before the handle is screwed back down. Once that was determined, it was a pretty quick fix! Thank goodness for camera phones.


I finished the stealth project I was working on! This is the inside... it's a stranded project, as you can see. That's not usually my thing, but this was fun to figure out, and I love how it turned out!! Details soon!

Meanwhile, I contemplated starting the TTL Mystery Shawl (yes, I've been peeking at Spoiler pics -- and love it), but nothing in my stash is turning me on. I decided that what I should really do is pick up my Brambling Shawl and get back on track! I've located my pattern, now I just need to figure out where I am.

Haha. Where am I???



Lavender, thoughtful notes, grandkids, and successful faucet repair make for a great weekend! I'm betting you'll soon find out where you are!


Other than the faucet repair (which did have a happy ending, at least) it sounds like your weekend was full of good things. Don't you hate that part of a knitting project where you pick it up and try to remember where you were? hahaha


I picked up Brambling again recently too! Luckily, I'd left it with some notes, but it still took me a bit to figure out to remember just what was going on!


Picking up abandoned projects is always difficult for me. I never know where I am! I swear Jun grows up with every photo you take! Love that shot of you and Gin. and an interesting knitted photo at the end - can't wait to see the "right" side.


Sounds like Maddie's glad to be home - and what a gift for you, too! Those kiddos are growing up so fast (I'm still cracking up about the video you shared on IG :-) We're trying to schedule a sleepover with Charlie - Marc has visions of upping his pancake game and I just want to have someone who'll eat pizza with me! Gah! school starts here in FOUR more weeks ... summer is WAY to short!!


*too ;-)


How wonderful to have a note and a bunch of lovely lavender waiting for you! I'm in awe of your fixing the faucet! Kids are amazing as they play so well alone, staying busy and totally in their own wonderful imaginative world.


I love lavender too! And, so do the bees! And, I need to figure out where I am too! I fear it sounds easier than it will actually be! LOL

Caffeine Girl

Looks like some "grand" fun!
I am doing the TTL Mystery Shawl, and I have mixed feelings about it. It is teaching me how to mosaic stitch, which is a plus, but I'm worried about running out of yarn.

Linda Piotrowski

Congratulations on fixing your faucet! What great photos. I love lavendar, too. Yours looks as if it is healthy. Loved the photo of Jun with his puzzles. I always loved doing puzzles wtih little ones. All in all looks like a wonderful weekend.

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