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Weekending: Quick Get-away

Catching up!

I can't believe it's been a week since we spent an evening at the ballpark!


It's a terrible photo, but I love the goofy expressions! We had a good time... and funnel cake.

The weekend was all about family! I spent most of Saturday with Gin -- one of the happiest people on the planet!


I did manage a little time in the garden on both Saturday & Sunday mornings -- my long-neglected weed-infested overgrown garden! It looks a lot better now.

And I began to harvest potatoes!


Maddy already roasted a few of the reds the other day, so I had a taste (yum), the rest are curing. I will definitely grow potatoes again, but will likely try a different method/location.


My brother came on Sunday to help celebrate Addie's 10th (!!!!!!!!!!) birthday and assist in the send-off as Ann & family make their way back to Spain.

The kids threw/burst/plopped at least 300 water balloons, and then it poured rain, so we're all a bit damp.

We tried wrangling the kids again...



And did the best we could -- with some acceptably cute photos!!


My re-working of the shawl worked great and, in fact, the last stitch was cast off (bound off?) last night! I'll weave in ends today and soak & block it on the weekend, then it's off to NZ -- I think it's still cool enough there that it might yet be of use this year!

The garage door opener died the day before Rusty returned... it's been sluggish & weird, but then began making a horrific noise.


So, Welcome Home Rusty!!  ;) And thanks for so quickly installing a new and so much quieter opener!


I took a few moments on Tuesday morning to fell a couple of seams on my Factory Dress/Tunic. Sewing & felling side seams is next, and then binding neck & armholes.


I haven't tried yet, but my new "computer glasses" might also be great "sewing glasses." I had a follow-up appointment at the eye doc last week for some of those fancy eye photos, and all is well... but while there, I asked about options for work/computer. Everything in my work space is at a good height & distance, but I was constantly tilting my head back to get the computer screen in focus -- literally, a pain in the neck. I was ready to go for TRI-focals, if that would help (I remember my grandmother having those when she worked at the bank). Alas, the Rx ratios were adjusted (I can't wear these for distance/driving), and I was able to find some clearance frames (that I love) and take advantage of back-to-school savings of 50% off lenses. I wore them all day yesterday and it's so worth it. I LOVE THEM!!


Robby H.

Love the new specs. I have reached the point where I finding disappointing that getting to good vision is now a chore. But there are so many things that make it worth it.

You made me look up potato 'curing'. I had no idea, and I live in an area where potatoes are grown. I guess I just assumed it was for commercial reasons, but I can see how it might benefit the home gardener if they have enough of them to last a while. Yours are so beautiful I instantly thought of about 3 things I'd like to use those for!


Those new glasses are perfect for you! Love them. And what a great catch-up post. I just adore the kid-wrangling shots. Because so Real Life. I think potatoes taste better when they have a bit of dirt on them. (I grew potatoes one year -- and never really wanted to bother with them again. But they were mighty tasty!) XO


So much good stuff ... even dirt :-) Love the photos of trying to get the photos with the kiddos. and yay for your new glasses - they look great and even better that they can "see"!


Beautiful potatoes, cute kids including darling Gin, Rusty home, great glasses, a gorgeous shawl, and a bit o' stitchin' -- Life Sure Looks Good!


Those potatoes! Gorgeous! And, more gorgeous (and joyful) are the photos of the kids!! So much good in this post! (and yay for seeing clearly!)


There's a lot of really great things in this post!


Your shawl turned out beautifully. Love those pictures of the kids. Such happy, frolicking times. Garden potatoes - LOVE!!! We just had some of our first ones the other night - they were tiny and I just sautéed them with garlic (from my boss' garden) and onions - SO good!! Now I have another bowl of them on the counter. Your new glasses look fab on you. Fun post of all catching up stuff.


Good way to make Rusty feel right at home (and needed)! The potatoes look fabulous. We will start harvesting ours next week. Tomato season is just starting and I've made a couple of small batches of "Vicki's"....SO GOOD! Love the photos of the kid wrangling. They look like they have a great time together! Hope the glasses work out perfectly for you. It's often hard to find the right pair of glasses for all.the.things!

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