Unraveled Wednesday
Calling all sewists

Dear August,

Wow. You got here fast!! Seems like only yesterday that it was the end of May and I was bidding fare-the-well to Rusty, making Big Plans for all the things I was going to accomplish while he was gone "all summer." Ya. He returns tomorrow and I didn't do a single Big Thing that I'd planned:

  • Clean/Toss the Living Areas
  • Clean/Toss Yarn/Fabric/Workroom
  • Clean/Toss Garage
  • Clean Bathroom (Top-to-Bottom)
  • Clean Bedroom (Top-to-Bottom)


I did manage some Other Big Things:

  • Trip to Ireland/Spain
  • Long Weekend @ The Flowage
  • Auntie Camp
  • Family Time - cookouts, weddings, hangin'

And lots of Little Things:

  • Kitchen faucet repair
  • Toilet seat replacement
  • Hard water deposits removed from toilet bowl
  • Upstairs apartment drains unclogged
  • Clogged gutter/downspout cleaned out

Um, I never dreamed it would be the summer of plumbing/water-related stuff! You might guess that none of those things was exactly "elective"! The gutter has needed attention all summer, but I only ever thought of it when it was raining or I wasn't at home. And, boy, have we had rain... it's put the proverbial damper on many things. Anyway, I was upstairs yesterday to deal with clogged drains, and ventured out to do the deed. That's a panaroma from our garage to the neighbors' -- a view I don't often see!

There's nothing exciting on the calendar this month other than a 3.5-day weekend coming up, and a couple of dates with the kids/grands. I'm still hoping to get a few of those Big Things crossed off the list yet this summer/fall... now with Rusty's help!

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a little of that burst-your-buttons-Mom-pride & satisfaction thing:

  • Kate has just accepted an interim position as gallery curator at UW-Green Bay, with a little teaching too! She has about a week at the bookstore, then a short road trip, and the new job begins on 8/21!
  • Things are finally coming together for Ali & the long-dreamed-of/-planned coffee shop remodel! Fingers crossed that it's relatively quick & painless from here on out.
  • Maddy is figuring things out... doing lots of odd jobs at the moment, from painting & gardening to IT-related stuff; planning a weeks-long hike this autumn; a move to the Milwaukee area after that; and likely return to New Zealand next winter for both work & pleasure!

Life may not always go as planned, August, but I'm pretty good at rolling with the changes and it is definitely good!

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Your projects maybe didn't go quite as planned, but you certainly accomplished a lot (super impressed about all that plumbing) and had a lot of fun! Congratulations to you and the girls on all that good news.!


I'm impressed by your Other Big Things list, and really impressed with your Little Things (none of which are little at all)! Congratulations on all you have done, and extra-special congratulations on the warm glow of parental pride you're feeling with all your girls' accomplishments and good news!


Those big things would not have been fun and you did so many other fun things that I think you get a pass on the icky stuff. Save that for when you are stuck in the house! You are definitely allowed to burst with pride and I'm glad you shared it with us, too.


You accomplished more in your summer than most people do in a lifetime. Your Big Things will go much more quickly with Rusty's help (and hopefully they'll be a lot more fun!). You have every reason to be bursting with pride. Your kids are amazing!!


What an exciting time for your family! The girls have wonderful things unfolding . . . Rusty will be back . . . and you are the Queen of Water!!! I'm looking forward to a less-busy August (although I'm really just kidding myself because there's a wedding coming up in less than a month now . . . hoo-boy. . . ). XO


I say that Big Things can be done anytime at all (says the person who avoids things like that on a regular basis!) however, the Better Big Things you did this summer cannot be done anytime. You made the right choice! And, bravo for all your girls!

Robby H.

In looking at those lists, it looks to me like you got all the IMPORTANT big things taken care of... family (check), creative time (check), emergencies managed (check)...


I think you had your priorities straight! I have bedroom and bathroom (upstairs) on my list too...bedroom still in the running...let's aim for Labor Day! :-)

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