Unraveled Wednesday: Beatrice update
Meet up in St. Louis

Dear September,

Seriously? It's you already??


I am looking forward to getting some of my house back this month! Kate leaves tomorrow with a vehicle full of art (that's been stored at my house), bound for Denver and the second half of Together With! I'm looking forward to having that space back.


Maddy's also leaving tomorrow for a long weekend camping trip with some friends in the Apostle Islands area. It should be a nice weekend up there!

Both Kate & Maddy need a little "kid time" (and "sister time," too), so we'll have a little bon voyage dinner at our house tonight.

Only two weeks to go before Maddy's BFFs get married!! And we sure are looking forward to that wedding (though surely not as much as Katy & Andres).

I am really excited about taking Junah to a 6-week Wednesday morning tumbling class beginning later this month... so excited that I was ready to go already last week!!

Art openings, Labor Day, book club, knit night, the coffee shop remodel (finally!)... plenty to keep you full & interesting, September!!

Love, Vicki

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Robby H.

I have no idea where Kate is going in Denver, but if she is looking for something fun for any free time, she might like the Taste of Colorado, if she doesn't mind crowds.

Link: http://atasteofcolorado.com/


September sounds great, and I hope to maybe see a tumbling Junah photo or two. Safe travels to Kate as she heads west. I sent Ryan the link to the show in Denver, in hopes that he might have some time to head down and see Together With! Have a wonderful dinner, weekend, and September!


Have a wonderful weekend! It's starting out just right and will give you plenty of time to just wander and decide what's next! XO


September always arrives sooner than I'm ready, too! You've got some good stuff to look forward to this month, that's for sure!


Looks like a lot of good stuff happening! Enjoy your dinner tonight. Like Bonny, I hoping to see tumbling Junah pictures in the future!


Forgot to say...I also forward the link to Together With to my family out in Boulder, CO.


September can never get here fast enough for me, I love the autumn.
Have a spectacular weekend and a spacious September, it looks busy.


Ooo! What a fun September you have coming!


You have another full calendar! I have a feeling Jun is going to love tumbling! You will enjoy watching him, too!

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