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On the road to St. Louis

Last weekend's spontaneous trip to St. Louis, MO, with Kate helps the checking off of a larger "bucket list" item of mine, and that is to visit as an adult all the cities that I lived in as a child. The list also includes:

  • Milwaukee, WI (check)
  • Escanaba, MI (check)
  • Denver, CO
  • Toledo/Columbus/Cleveland, OH
  • Toronto, ON
  • Chicago/Highland Park, IL (check)

We were fully prepared to depart when I finished work at 5pm on Friday, but I was lucky enough to get off at 1 instead. Kate had an after-5 appointment to deliver some artwork in Madison, giving us time to detour to Milwaukee for a stop at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


Seriously, is that not one of the most beautiful structures in the world? Even the lower-level parking is striking. Someday, I'm going to camp out and watch the "wings" open/close.

The main reason for our stop was the exhibition Rashid Johnson: Hail We Now Sing Joy

We were not there at a time when we could hear Antoine's Organ "come alive," but alive it was... relevant.




We had time to swing through a couple of other areas.


Refrigerator Pies, 1962, Wayne Thiebaud


Bluffs, 2009, Tara Donovan, buttons and glue (!!!)


Modernity Circa 1952, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely, 2004, Josiah McElheny

From there we drove to Madison, where Kate made her delivery, and we had dinner.

Then we hit the road for St. Louis... we didn't make it that far on Friday night, though, construction & traffic making for angsty driving. We stopped overnight near Oglesby, IL, and set the alarm clock for an early start on Saturday!

To be continued, as usual... we packed a whole lot into just a couple of days!!  :)



Wow - oh wow - oh wow!!!!


Buttons and glue!?!? The museum is the most organic and stunning structure! What a great place to visit. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip!


This is simply amazing! I can hardly believe that I haven't heard or read about this stunning museum before, but it's on my bucket list now. And who knew that buttons, glue, and reflections would be so interesting and beautiful? Thank you for sharing; my life would be so much poorer artistically if I didn't read your posts!


That looks like a great trip and I love all of your photos BUT (you know what I'm going to say, right?) that PIE one is my FAV!

Robby H.

I used to go to Milwaukee regularly on business and I couldn't believe I had missed this great space. So, I had to look. I can sleep better knowing it was built after I left that position. I was not at all surprised to see it was designed by Calatrava. I'm not a huge architecture buff, but his work has a certain 'signature'. Thank you for showing us that lovely structure with your photographic skills.


Wow! I have seen the Milwaukee museum from the exterior, but have never been inside! Thank you for sharing so many incredible photos! I am with you, it is a place I could sit and look at all day! However, Now We Sing Joy strikes a chord deep inside! Wow, how absolutely spectacular!


Wonderful post - you go to the BEST places!! That museum is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what else you saw!!

Kim Dean

Ho. Lee. Cow. I could just stand outside and look at the building; never get inside to the exhibits.


Absolutely AMAZING displays of art in that Museum - and the building itself takes my breath away. I think someone else already said this but "Wow! Just Wow!"

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