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I'm still reading the same books and knitting the same shawl. Next week I may have something new to share on those fronts! Today, let's talk about something else.

I subscribe to Spotify and frequently listen to music, but almost always to other people's playlists or to particular artists/songs/albums. Kate is always making playlists and I am thankful to her for bringing new artists to my attention and helping stretch my musical wings!

Anyway, the other day I was reading more about the upcoming workshop at Alabama Chanin -- particularly learning more about the included Swampette Tour -- and it finally sunk in. I mean, I've been aware of Muscle Shoals and its musical importance for a very long time and I know that Muscle Shoals is right there, but... Wow! We are really gonna be in it!!

I was inspired to create a playlist!

I'm still curating and organizing, but am so loving it; appropriately leading off with "A Feather's Not A Bird" by Rosanne Cash, which also supplied the playlist's perfect title: I'm Goin' Down to Florence.

Also, I will soon be re-watching the documentary Muscle Shoals!



Very cool! I feel like an Amish girl on Rumspringa, but after my introduction to hick hop, Margene recommended Jason Isbell, so I just started with Spotify on Monday. I've listened to two of his albums and will be listening to your playlist (when I figure out how). AC and great music is a terrific combination!


SO EXCITED. Queuing up the playlist now. . .


Jason Isbell is on your list!! This is the kind of music that makes my soul sing.


EXCELLENT play list! I'm not much of a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, but love Jason Isbell, Arthur Alexander, Etta James, and on and on and on. A bunch of music here that I had forgotten about! Thanks.


I've always used Pandora and I also use Amazon Prime for music but perhaps I should take the plunge into Spotify.


That Netflix show is amazing!


Hmmm, I am with Carole - perhaps it is time to Spotify my listening!


Amazon Prime here, too - but I might be convinced to translate this playlist - it takes me right back to college ... well, if you'd add Sweet Melissa ( and Amie ( -- thank you for all the wonderful music memories (and just a bit of a YouTube rabbit hole :-)


Fall time is a great time to be "down south" in northern Alabama, you won’t have the hot temperatures and humidity like they're having right now. Music is so interlaced with everything, but I see you have a heads up already, great selection.
Now food . . . do you like grits?!

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