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Dear September,

Unraveled Wednesday: Beatrice update

Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!


Scamp decided to get in the picture this afternoon! I like how my project bag coordinates with the knitting.


I haven't decided yet whether this will be the front or the back of the dress/top. I knit to the point where I have to decide, and then started the other piece -- it depends on how the colors/pattern falls. Right now, I'm liking this for the front, but we'll see.


Yes, leaves! Maddy and I took a little hike at our nearby State Park this morning and noticed a bit of color appearing in the trees there, too.

2017 Book Bingo

The only thing that's changed in my reading is that Home Cooking came in at the library! I've not made great progress yet, but I am really enjoying I Will Send Rain so far.



Beatrice is a sweet little dress, almost as sweet as the little girl you're knitting for. I hope you enjoy Home Cooking as much as I have. Happy Knitting and Reading!


I think you will love Home Cooking. Her column was my favorite in Gourmet all those many years ago. Learning she had passed away was awful but I remember thinking how disciplined she was that she had already turned in the columns for the rest of the year. Both the cookbooks are great and the fiction is good as well. Enjoy!

Robby H.

I am NOT looking at those leaves. Not.

I've never really been able to submerge myself in a book about the dustbowl. My dad grew up in it and without telling us too many stories managed to convey the desperation and a near death experience. For a fairly young child to have those memories, it must have just been remarkable.


Lalalala I can't see those leaves. ;-) Love that sweet little dress and I always try to coordinate my project bag with my knitting, too!


We have been seeing leaves on our walks lately too... kind of like "show offs" or "harbinger's of sadness" to all their green counterparts still residing in trees.

And, that knitting! So cute!


The dress is the cutest thing! The colors are are bright and fun, perfect for Gin! We'll have a dull fall around here as the nights have been too warm to bring on falls bright colors.


Such a cute dress! Going on my list. Which is soooo long. :) And I hope you love Home Cooking. It is one of my favorite books.

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