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Unraveled Wednesday: Beatrice

Late yesterday morning...

Kate: Super spontaneous but would you possibly be up for a brief weekend road trip to St. Louis? ... I know you want to check it out!

Vicki: When? This weekend? ... And yes!

That's the way things work around here sometimes! This has been on my wish list for years! It will be super-quick, but I am excited about three things: visiting Gateway Arch, Bellefontaine Cemetery, and Knitorious!!

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Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!

I am still working out the Arrow situation, even stopping by my LYS yesterday to see if anything there jumped out and pointed the way. Meh, not really...


I dumped a bunch of yarn on the bed this morning to sort and play around... it's formulating.

I found plenty of other inspiration at Iris yesterday, and realized that all of a sudden I was in need of travel knitting!


I settled on Beatrice Top by Erika Flory for Blue Sky Alpacas. I am using Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine Color 120 (in color 502) (confusing) designed by Arne & Carlos! Those are the sleeve swatches that I knit last night. My record for actually knitting while traveling isn't that great, but I never leave home without a project!

I was happy to discover that I'd already cut the binding strips for my Alabama Chanin project, so I'll be pressing those momentarily...

In reading. Well, there's just over an hour before I'm finished listening to The Shadow of the Wind... finally! Hillbilly Elegy is on Kindle, and the going is slow... I guess I'm not finding it as compelling as others have!



Looking forward to hearing about Knitorious' visit to Knitorious! I've never heard of the cemetery before, but it looks incredible. That top looks so sweet and it's always best to be prepared with a project. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and take lots of photos to share with us!

Robby H.

I always think of you when I see that shop mentioned. I have family in the area, so I've spotted it thinking I might get there, but not yet.

My recollection of the Arch is that it was brutally hot. That said, I'd go for as early as you can get tickets for that one. No reason it can't be just as great a view early in the day as later. Have fun!


Oh, enjoy St. Louis!! How fun! And, I love your arrow planning!


I rarely knit a stitch when I travel . . . (except when I'm up north at our cottage) (but, then, that's really sort of like being at home -- only someplace else). I am SO eager to begin my arrows project. I have yarn pulled out everywhere, so I'm already knitting it in my mind . . .


St. Louis would be so fun-for all the reasons you've mentioned! You're (along with Kate) the queen of spontaneity. HBE holds no interest for me, but I really liked Shadow of the Wind!

Kim Dean

There's something soothing about moving the colors around, isn't there?


I don't knit much when I travel either. Don't know why. But always have something to knit with me, just in case the urge strikes.

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