Dear August,

Unraveled Wednesday

Literally, on Tuesday afternoon. Let's go to the video:


Yes, it's still light outside, I'm wearing my PJs, and that is an adult beverage -- large, cold, sweet & tart! (Gin + Campari + Vermouth + Orange Bitters + Lemonade + Juice of a Lime + Club Soda) (1.5 oz, 1 oz, .5 oz, 5-10 drops, 1 oz, a lime, filled to the top) (more or less)


I kept convincing myself that it was okay, but clearly it's not. I bought four balls of this yarn; 1 & 2 went together seamlessly, the 3rd not so much. The 4th is more like 1 & 2, so I've ripped back the re-wound the offender. I am underway with blending balls 2 & 4 for a several rows and then I've basically a repeat and a half to re-do and an edging. I'll blend 3 & 4 and it all ought to smooth out. It's enjoyable knitting, so I don't mind... once the ripping was done.

2017 Book Bingo

There's been no change to the Bingo card, and only a little bit of progress. It's just not happening... and that's okay. Mostly, I enjoy the opportunity to think about books and stretch my reading chops!

Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!



Why haven't you had more of that adult beverage?! That shawl is so beautiful that it's worth doing right, but still painful to watch that unraveling. I didn't think I needed to alternate skeins of speckled yarn in my Hitchhiker, until I started the second skein and found out that I did. I'm going to pour myself a beverage, rip, blend, and adopt your attitude -- it all ought to smooth out.


I couldn't agree more about the thinking about books. Sometimes I think deciding what I want to read and adding it to Goodreads and then placing it on hold at the library is half the fun! Bummer about those dye lots but at least you've got a good fix in place.


We love our hand dyed yarns, but know the price we pay if we ignore the little voices. So sorry you have had that painful experience (yet again?), but hope that adult beverage has helped to sooth the pain.


Sorry about the unraveling . . . but I'd be right there, doing it, too! My reading is slow this summer -- but my knitting is even slow-er. (But that's okay because I'm engrossed in other fun things!) XO


I'm with Bonny - I'd be on my second glass of that beverage :-) Hope the re-knitting goes smoothly ... it will certainly be worth it!


Ditto on all the above comments - books, unraveling, dye lots, and drinks.
Sigh . . . . . . courage and fortitude to all knitters and readers!


Personally, I love the unraveling with the adult beverage in your jammies! I am knitting a project with hand dyed yarns and I will be using your blending technique (as well as your beverage recipe!!) Thank you!


Yup - definitely on my second adult beverage if I were in your shoes (or slippers...or bare feet). The shawl is going to be stunning though. And, as long as you are enjoying things - that's what counts. My reading is slow this summer as well, but what I really love are all the fabulous recommendations for books to put on my TBR list (never ending). Thanks for that drink recipe too...I love Campari and soda, but the additions you make sound yummy.

Robin F

I had wine with my knitting last nite- it helped- I can't wait to see your 'revised' shawl- I may have to try your beverage-never had Campari.


Sorry about the ripping, but it's good to just do it. The drink looks good, I love Campari or Aperol in the summer.

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