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Weekending: Quick Get-away

Jun has turned a corner, and is all of a sudden very engaging with and attentive to his little sister.


He makes sure her legs are straight, (nearly strangle-)holds her on the big slide. "Isn't that fun, Gin?"

Rusty had some errands to run on Saturday and I decided to ride along; we both packed a bag with the idea that we'd stay overnight if we found a place that beckoned.

Naturally, I packed an extra bag full of yarn.


Yes, I brought all this yarn!

After our scheduled stops in Mishicot & Algoma, we wandered. We found lunch, stumbled across some history...


It was a gorgeous day, so we found some beautiful vistas, too.


We decided to stop for a root beer float at Frosty Tip in Dyckesville and talk about where we'd like to end up for the evening. As we turned off the by-pass, I spotted Sunset Shores, which looked pretty good -- and here we are; I gave a call and we nabbed the last available room.


Provisions (we weren't very prepared).


We found a place for a light supper, then settled in to enjoy sunset at the beach. We socialized with a fellow guest, and watched the sky for meteors -- alas, I did not see a single one! I've seen quite a few "shooting stars" over the years, though, and no doubt I will see more... it was a gorgeous evening for stargazing.

We were up and out the door early. Only :45 from home, we walked through the back door at 9 a.m. and put on a pot of coffee!

After breakfast, I gave my Forest Mystery shawl a soak while I biked to the store, and pinned it out when I got back. It's HUGE -- much bigger than my blocking mat! So cozy.


Then I did a little tidying, a little laundry, a little cleaning & tossing out... and, other than cooking supper, I took the rest of the day off!


Got zucchini? This is Crust-less Summer Zucchini Pie*.

I'd begun knitting Larissa Brown's Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows in the Saturday sunset (above), and spent much of yesterday knitting and figuring out "where this arrow wants to go."


The shawl begins with a couple of knit triangles. This is Triangle #1 and, after some trial & error/knitting & ripping, I think this is the palette and the direction it's going. The Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails weren't in my original pile o' yarn for this project, but they are perfect in more ways than one -- notice all the "arrowheads" on the labels? This is a fun project for play and for using up a bunch of leftovers and little skeins. I'm already thinking about Triangle #2!

*Last time I made this, I used 4 eggs instead of 2; this time I used 6; next time, I'll try 6 again but eliminate (or greatly cut back) the flour.



What fun to get away (not far) and what a beautiful place you landed in! Love the fire at night. I keep looking at that arrow does look like fun. Jun and gin - so cute together. they look like it was chilly out!


I always love to see Jun and Gin, and what looks like a wonderful weekend (complete with Fritos, bananas, and beer)! Forest Mystery is really gorgeous, along with that delicious quiche. I've been intrigued by Arrows, and even more so after seeing your yarn choices.


The inscription on that LaSalle marker brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it wonderful when good prevails! and I love the Jun/Gin story ... but wow - it looks like fall already!


I love that you and Rusty had that little getaway - it must be great to have him home!


Oh, I love your yarn choices for your arrow! And, what a fun whirlwind weekend!


What a beautiful, rather adventurous weekend! You found the most perfect sunset spot. :-)

I think I really need to start making my own arrows! It looks like a great project -- with much room for individuality and creativity. Plus . . . I just love the whole concept of women making their own arrows. Powerful metaphor! Jun and Gin are so delightful . . . but I have a feeling Gin is going to be "making her own arrows" and not always listening to Jun's good advice. . . (Just sayin.) XOXO


How wonderful to get away for the weekend to a place you can see the shore and the sky! Looks like heaven. Your green shawl will make a lovely gift for Kiwi mom, a big hug! It's going to be fun to watch your arrows appear! Jun is going to be a great big brother!

Robin F

What a great getaway-recharging your batteries. Green shawl is so pretty. have fun with the arrow shawl. Big brothers can be bossy.


The zucchini pie looks yummy!

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