Unraveled Wednesday: Updates
Reigning Men (and more) in St. Louis

3 Things on Thursday: To Do List

1.. Reschedule 9/13 dentist appointment. CHECK

2.. Reschedule 9/27 hair appointment. CHECK

3.. Buy buttons for this:


It doesn't fit me very well anymore, as predicted, but I still wore it most of yesterday, anyway. It was chilly!!

Maddy admired it, so I had her try it on and, well, it's as though it was made for her! And she loves it -- so hers it shall be. Stay tuned...

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Way to check things off on that to-do list, and best of all, find out that you really knit that sweater for Maddy!


Wow--that sweater is beautiful!


Lucky Maddy!!! (And way to go on that to-do list.) XO

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Nice work (all around!)


I love that feeling of accomplishment that comes from checking things off a to do list. And it's awesome that you can give the sweater to Maddy. I had that happen once with a sweater I knit for Dale. It was just too small for him but perfect on Hannah as a slouchy boyfriend sweater.


I love the sweater! Good luck on your button hunt!


You knew it would fit someone! So glad it's Maddy.

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