Three Things!
Weekending: Some Like It Hot

It's the First Day of Autumn

...and the hottest day of the year! The forecast is for 90°F, and close to that for the next three days, plus awful humidity & dew point.


It was a pretty sunrise in my side-view mirror this morning (lost in translation, it was much more impressive IRL), but YUCK! It looks like we'll have one transition day near 80° before settling in for a little stretch right around 70° next week.

I'll just be over here taking it easy and staying cool. Happy Weekend!!



We have a super hot weekend here too! But, I am not complaining. The cold is here far too long!


Same thing here, except I am complaining! We had a delightful week of fall weather a few weeks ago, but it's been far too hot since then. Next Wednesday looks like some rain and transition for us, and I'm looking forward it. Stay cool!


We're headed for a summer-like weekend as well. I'm very excited about that! Enjoy and stay cool Vicki!


It's cool and rainy here thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Jose. We're supposed to get a warm up over the weekend, though and I'm glad!


In contrast, the first day of autumn brought snow to our mountain peaks!

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