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Three Things!


Junah had has first Tumbling class yesterday and, well... I got a workout! I didn't do the somersaults (though I totally could have), but I did just about everything else. Jün finally warmed up a bit at the end. Whew! He became uncomfortable right at the start, when the instructor -- a family acquaintance -- recognized him and greeted him by name, but it's been a while and he didn't recognize her. She wasn't over the top or weird or anything, it was... all new, and it just didn't strike the right chord.

I have higher hopes for next week!

Also? Next round of classes? Dance!! Specifically, hip-hop. There was a class just finishing when we arrived and, OMG, you've never seen anything cuter than a toddler hip-hop dance class!!


I had a couple of things to return to the library, so we stopped down there after Tumbling. I haven't been in a while, other than to pick up or drop off a book, and I am still amazed at what a great place we have.

The Tumbling class was held at the "old library" -- a beautiful, historic, but extremely small structure (even with the ca. 1976 addition) -- and the first thing Junah said when we arrived was, "It's not dirty. It's clean!!" So, hopefully, we've now expanded his definition of "old." I wanted to point out that the "new library" is actually housed in an even older building than the "old library," but thought that might be a little hard to grasp right now!

Ali & Gin popped down to meet us and the kids had a wonderful hour or so playing with other kids -- not too many -- all of similar ages.


I got out of work early on Tuesday and drove down to the farm/wedding venue to pick up my lost earring. I was only about 6 miles from the Rauch Cemetery, so stopped by to say hello to my great great grandfather, great great great grandparents, and various great great great great relatives, etc.


I've been visiting this cemetery every few years for quite a while now... and it gets more mind boggling with every passing year.


And sad.


But also beautiful.


Have you seen the Stillness Collection? I was about to add the fourth or fifth pattern to my Favorites on Ravelry when I just Favorited the whole darn thing and then placed my order for the book. Holy cow. What a fantastic collection of designers & patterns! Individual patterns will be available in December... but I'm not waiting!

_ _ _ _ _

Head over here to read about more Things... and to wish Carole a happy birthday!!



A lovely recap of three things from your week. I'm off to check out the Stillness Collection but I fear it may be a mistake!


Your cemetery adventure is lovely--and it shocks me when I go into the "historic" section and see how things are deteriorating.


Big mistake to check out the Stillness collection before even commenting . . . LOVELY things; just lovely. I love visiting cemeteries - and especially the old ones. I find them peaceful and beautiful - and surprisingly comforting. Your library (old or older?) is full of charm! How fun for you and Jün to tumble together! I'll bet he warms up and enjoys the activity once he gets comfortable and familiar. (Brian was very much like that, too. Slow to warm up to new things -- but eager and happy once he got a feel for things.) XO


I hope Junah settles in to tumbling; my kids were a lot like that, too. I'm always a little tentative until I'm comfortable, so I can't blame him! Your cemetery is lovely in its green peacefulness and those markers are beautiful (and sad). I'm off to check out Stillness (and from the sounds of it, order the book)!


How fun to watch kids tumbling and dancing. Toddlers look cute doing just about everything. Thank you for the Stillness Collection!


I'm a cemetery wanderer as well. So peaceful and interesting. Our running conversation last weekend (me on bike) included a lot of talk about old local cemeteries. I hope Junah settles in as well...I'm sure he will with you by his side.

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