Throwback Thursday #TBT

A friend posted a photo on Instagram last night of her 6th-grade son wearing his new Safety Patrol sash, and suddenly nostalgia! I knew right where to find the photo that came to mind.


Not only was I in Safety Patrol in 6th grade, I was one of two from my school to join two from every other school in our district at the 27th Wisconsin Safety Patrol Congress in May, 1970! That's me in the middle of the front row. I can't even tell you which is the other student from my school, except that I'm pretty sure it was a boy. The only other person I can identify is Steve La Pierre, middle-row left; I didn't really know him at the time, but had a massive crush on him a couple of years later... slow dancing at Friday night YMCA dances in "The Den," Brut cologne, phone calls...

I barely remember a thing about that trip, except that it rained the whole weekend, but the Duck tour & scenery were pretty awesome.


Still quite blonde! Growing out bangs! Chipmunk cheeks (highlighted by the length of aforementioned bangs)! Innocence...




This is great! Love the photo. And, I loved being in safety patrol in 6th grade. And first crushes...oh my...what memories. LOL


Amazing! We didn't have a safety patrol, but my cousins who lived in Cleveland did and I was so envious of those bright orange sashes. Clearly they were the epitome of cool, and you must have been the coolest to go to the Wisconsin Safety Patrol Congress!


You were adorable and ready to take on the world!


How fun to have pictures of your 6 grade experience!!


I always wanted to be a Safety Patrol, but settled instead for Lunch Monitor. What a cool experience for you, Vicki! You look so excited -- and ready to keep everyone safe and in line! XO

Julia in kw

Lol! We didn't have them at my school, but my husband tells me he was patrol boy for a couple of years as was his sister - busiest intersection in his town!!! 😉


I love this! Ahhh, the innocence of youth! But, truthfully, your smiling face has hardly changed! XO



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