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Joining Kat & friends this week for Unraveled Wednesday!


Ali snapped a few photos of Gin wearing her new Beatrice Top yesterday... This girl is rockin' it!!


What The Fade?! Or, really, What The Heck?! I have no business contemplating another project... I have Arrows to finish, I just started a hat for Gin (by request... the girl needs a hat of her own!), Rusty's excited about the prospect of a Seeds Hat since I showed him the yarn from Knitorious, and there's a new & intriguing AYOT Project (not to mention previous projects... ahem)! I sprung for the pattern, though, and I have all this yarn... plus I occasionally dye some. I am contemplating this line up, with a different arrangement than the other day, and the addition of a speckled-y hank that I dyed the other day in place of the Noro Sock. I think I like it better.

I still read.



That Beatrice Top and photo of Gin are absolutely perfect! She is a girl to be reckoned with and I wish I had an outfit just like hers (including the shoes)!

Robby H.

I always want to do those multi-colored projects and then can never decide on the yarn for them. Which is hilarious because I am fearless about color when making a quilt the size of a house. Your choices look delicious. I should hire you to pick out yarn for me. Or maybe pick out fabric for a quilt and then try to replicate the colors in yarn. Ha!


Oh my goodness - Gin's style is the best!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


OMG - FABULOUS picture of Gin (and she looks so much like you!!). I love that top and her entire outfit and the shoes are perfect!!!

What the Fade - gorgeous colors. One can never have too many projects (or at least that's what I tell myself).


If only we had all the time we wanted for knitting and reading! Gin is adorable in that dress!


Oh, Vicki! That little top is just DIVINE! Gin looks so comfortable and happy AND stylin', too! LOVE. I'm feeling ready to knit All The Things now -- after really not feeling it for several months. Must be this (too early) change in the weather. XO


Love Gin in her dress! She rocks! Enjoy your knitting AND reading!


What a cute little person! Those fade projects make my head spin. Enjoy


I am completely smitten with Gin's style! PERFECT!! Entirely PERFECT!! And, your fade... perfect!


Gin IS rocking that top! And yes...so many things to knit...I started a sweater last weekend and will put it down to start another when my Woolen Rabbit KAL yarn arrives! At least football season provides for good Sunday knitting!


So, so darling, the little girl in the blue dress....I call it perfection!

Mona Baker

What great style Gin has! Looking for those shoes for my grand daughters!

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