Weekending: Farm Wedding

Maddy's BFFs Katy & Andrés were married on Friday.


Katy & Maddy have been friends since elementary school, were dorm roommates in college, and then rented their first apartment together; Andrés seamlessly entered the picture, and they all moved to a larger house. Eventually, they graduated; Katy & Andrés got new jobs, moved, bought a house; Maddy followed a dream and went to New Zealand (and, FYI, will be returning). Through it all, despite the odds, they never lost an ounce of love, respect, or support for one another. It's quite a lovely thing.

Anyway, while the first wedding I attended this year was a city affair, this one was decidedly country.



The beautiful venue at Pioneer Creek Farm has a couple of very inviting ponds and paths, all impeccably maintained.


The barn was gorgeous! (That's Maddy waving to me.)


And llamas!! We happened to already be up there at feeding time.


Baby llama  born just last week! He/she was barely taller than Jün, a bit skittish and didn't come too close.


We were at Table 8! That bow tie  !!


Founders All Day IPA on tap!

Catering was done by Rustique and their Vagabond Pizza Wagon, and was it ever delicious! They cooked & served a variety of pizzas, macaroni & cheese, and pesto fries to die for. (What diet??)

The DJs were fantastic, and the dancing!! It was something... everything from oldies to salsa to hip-hop. So fun.


We lucked out and were booked into the Presidential Suite + an adjoining room at our hotel... the Comfort Inn in Fond du Lac, but whatever!! I never get adjoining rooms when I ask, so I didn't even bother when I made the reservation, but the desk clerk saw that it was a possibility at check in and offered to do a switcheroo to make it happen. It was really nice to have a little extra space with the kiddos along.

It was wonderful to be a part of such a wonderful celebration!

How funny is it that the couples in both of the weddings I attended this summer planned honeymoons in Spain? Sam & Anna even spent some of their time in Ann & Brian's then-vacant apartment in Valencia. Katy & Andrés departed Chicago on Saturday night for their honeymoon  in Barcelona!!



What a GORGEOUS wedding -- and it looks like the perfect day. What FUN!!! Between the bow tie(!) and the baby llama . . . Oh, my heart is just melting. XOXO


That barn is like no barn I've ever seen before, and the whole setting is gorgeous and kid-friendly (especially adorable dressed-up kids in bow ties)! It's always such a nice thing to have someone's observance and kindness make your life a bit easier; the Presidential Suite is a plus no matter where it is located. Sounds like a terrific weekend (and I'm looking forward to hearing about Maddy's return to NZ)!


That sounds like such a fun wedding! And woo hoo for a room upgrade, too!


Weddings, room upgrades, Llamas, and those cute kids! What a fun weekend!


The wedding looks like the perfect affair. Jun's bow tie is so handsome! Melts my heart.


Looks like it was such a fun, fun time. The barn is GORGEOUS. Baby llamas, little boys in bow ties, dancing, pizza, pesto fries - ALL wonderful!

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