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Autumn Leaves


Back yard favorite.

Junah & Gin helped me pitch walnuts down the hill on Sunday (where, someday, I imagine there will be an actual "walnut grove"). I thought we had a banner year a couple years ago, but no... I don't remember ever seeing the back yard literally carpeted with walnuts. Jün was using a shovel!



Our black walnut tree had a banner season, too!


My neighbor's walnut tree is also having a banner year (all over my yard). I'm going to try Jün's shovel removal technique the next time I mow!


We don't have any black walnut trees in our yard -- and, thankfully, neither do any of my neighbors. There is a house along my regular dog-walking route with a couple, and I can attest (based on the number on the sidewalks and street near their house) that they are having a banner year as well! I love Jün's chuck-and-duck approach with the shovel! XO

Robby H.

Just an FYI. I saw a little snippet of the Walnut Removal Team on IG, but I have a nice tree picture here, not video or pictures of the kids.


Does the Almanac say anything about Walnut trees having a banner year? I hope this does not mean a banner year for snow!


We have some walnut trees on our rural property but the ones that grow on the way to the mailbox are most heavy this year also. I feared for my head when they were dropping heavily on a windy day.
The autumn trees this year here down south are so blah -- only dull brown, khaki, and dried old sallow yellow are the colors. Also, falling on our heads.


This time of year is so beautiful as the trees are showy, the air is comfortable, and people are happy! I hope some day you have that walnut grove after all Jun's work.


We've been cracking acorns for weeks on our walks, but I don't think we have any walnuts around here ... good thing - I'll bet they hurt to walk over!

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