Dear October,
Three Things Today

Unraveled Wednesday - FO: Oblique!

After nearly 10 years... it's FINALLY an FO!!



Originally intended for myself, I've "outgrown" it; Maddy instantly loved it and, well, isn't she adorable? Photos by Kate! And lots of 'em... because it took so long for me to finally finish, and it's a pretty great sweater!


Why so long? Good gravy, I don't know!

It was a contender for Finishing in the 2010 Olympics and I wrote, "I want this one finished most of all."

Here's how that went:


At Opening Ceremonies:  All of the pieces were knit and blocked.  I needed to sew them up, knit the collar, attach buttons.

At Closing Ceremonies:  Sleeves are sewn in and collar is underway.  I've had several false starts on that collar, and some difficulty determining Right from Wrong -- I'm pretty sure I'd have made it if I'd been thinking more clearly.  Three-quarters of the way, I tore it out completely and started over last night.  I'll be casting off tonight and all that will remain are side and sleeve seams and the sewing on of three buttons.  I cannot wait.  I love this thing.

Um, yeah. I loved it and yet...

It looks like the buttons might be a bit wonky, and it might need a snap... but I'm not sure how much it'll actually be buttoned anyway, so we'll just see about that. I'm thrilled that it's finished and even more thrilled that there is someone else who loves it!

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Reading: Still Life with Breadcrumbs by Anna Quindlen (pages)

Listening: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert



Maybe the wait for finishing was due to waiting for the real owner to grow into it! The sweater looks great, looks wonderful on Maddy, and her smiles show she does indeed love it. How nice to see a great FO properly homed!


What GREAT photos of Maddy . . . in a GREAT sweater. I love your persistence with this project. What a payoff! XO

Robby H.

Sometimes our projects tell us who they're for, no matter what we think. Perfect timing for enjoying the lovely FO, too.


Wow, that sweater is just great, and on Maddy, really, it was made for her alone.
I bet everybody's stash has some long forgotten, (or not wanted to be remembered) half-knitted, half-unraveled article that slyly hints at the brain to finish.


Love the sweater on Maddy and she looks very happy to be wearing it. Was in EZ who said to just knit as the sweater will fit someone? In your case, it's often true!


That sweater is perfect for Maddy! Clearly it didn't need to be an FO until now :-)

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I'm so impressed! It looks super cute on her. Double snaps for the good feeling of finishing a languishing knit PLUS having it be appreciated by just the right person! That must feel great.


Congratulations! I don't feel so bad about the sweater I started over a year ago...and the other one I started this last Spring.

Seriously, it is gorgeous on Maddy - looks perfect for her. Beautiful smiles on that girl.

Love your white birches.


The sweater is great and it's perfect for Maddy! I bet it will get lots and lots of wear!

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